Block placement and break limits for each player

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    Plugin category:

    Suggested name: BlockLimiter

    What I want: Hello im looking for a simple plugin that limits the number of blocks that can be placed and broke by each player daily. So for example, if the default limit of blocks placed is 50 and limit of break is 40, and when a player breaks 40 blocks he cannot break anymore blocks until after a certain amount of time (one day maybe). Same goes with placed blocks. And for each different permission group different amount of break/place limit and one ignore permission for unlimited breaks and placement of blocks.

    Ideas for commands:
    /blocklimiter reset [player]: reset players block limit time
    /blocklimiter time [rank] [time]: sets amount of time for that rank

    Ideas for permissions:

    I'd like this plugin for my adventure world since i dont want default new players to break and grief everything and have higher ranked people trusted to break and place more blocks.

    If anyone could make this plugin or find one it would be great :D
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    Requesting plugins with perks that would make donors have an unfair advantage is against the rules of bukkit.
  3. RW_Craft False, is is not against Bukkit it is against the EULA.
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    RW_Craft At which point did he say it would be for donors, he said higher ranked players, surely enough a server still retains a rank ladder e.g. admin, mod etc. I can develop this for you. However as for the rank thing, will it hook in with pex, or will you just make the rank as a representation of the permission. For example /blocklimiter time brent 500 will make the node blocklimiter.break.brent with a time of 500?
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    bwfcwalshy I see threads getting closed all the time for having unfair donor perks...
  6. RW_Craft Yes because it is against the EULA.
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