Block logging plugin with simple API?

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  1. I think this probably exists and I'm just not looking hard enough but is there a logging plugin that does NOT require MySQL, logs all block events (Chest inventory changes, piston block pushing/pulling), and has an API so I can use a plugin I am creating to tell it when to undo all actions that have occurred?
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    A block logging plugin that does not use MySQL? That's like asking for a E-mail account that stores every E-Mail I send as a physical piece of paper in a massive warehouse.
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    javoris767 rawr :3 can i have that email account now
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    I wasn't saying it doesn't exist. I was saying that it is the worst idea I have ever heard in the history of my life here on the Bukkit Forums.

    The amount of space it would take up dude!
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    What LOL?
    It is the worst idea ever to store that out of a MySQL database...
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    Say you have a small server. My PF one for example. It only has about 5 regular player. We come on and piss about in creative... I would break/place about 1 block every couple of seconds. This plugin would store the block, the time, the effect, blah blah blah...

    In short. By about 1 hour you will have 9000-ish entries. We play for about 6/7 hours.

    Storing 63,000 entries into a text file is ludicrous, bordering upon laughable.

    (unless you have some fucking massive computer with like millions of TB or HDD :p )
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    kezz101 Even your TB solution won't work.
    Since as soon as a player breaks the block, the plugin will not write it away immediately but store it in it's RAM.
    After 15 minutes it will cost you alot of RAM.
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    Oh yeah I forgot about that! Let my just dust off my old supercomputer...
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    CoreProtect, but I will say it will kill you without MySQL database.
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