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    I am looking for someone to design a plugin that will allow fireworks to be designed and summoned simply and effectively without having to go into creative mode. This could very well be the ultimate firework plugin, making fireworks easily and without hassle (especially for server admins!) due to the difficulty with rockets and stars not having durability values.

    I would like to see this made so that not only can I offer pre-made rockets sold in shops (via command sign plugins) but also used for events or displays coordinated by me.

    The plugin name I was thinking of was BlackCat after the firework company, but any flashy firework name would do.

    How it would work

    There are a few steps to make a firework:
    1. Create a star or a few stars for the firework.
    2. Create the firework with stars created.
    3. Summon fireworks!

    After working with Minecraft for over two years and getting used to how Bukkit plugins run, these are the commands that I think would work best for this plugin.

    Star creation:
    /blackcat star create <star_name> <color> <shape> [effect1] [effect2]
    Creates a star preset for creating rockets.​
    color - uses the Minecraft durability values for dyes (makes sense)​
    0 - Black​
    1 - Red​
    2 - Green​
    3 - Brown​
    4 - Blue​
    5 - Purple​
    6 - Cyan​
    7 - Light Gray​
    8 - Gray​
    9 - Pink​
    10 - Lime​
    11 - Yellow​
    12 - Light Blue​
    13 - Magenta​
    14 - Orange​
    15 - White​
    shape - small, large, star, burst, creeper​
    effect - trail, twinkle​
    /blackcat star list
    Lists the created stars that can be used in rockets.​
    /blackcat star delete <star_name>
    Deletes a previously-created star preset.​

    Rocket creation:
    /blackcat rocket create <rocket_name> <duration> <star1> [star2] [star3] [star4] [star5] [star6] [star7]
    Creates a rocket preset that can be summoned.​
    duration - 1/2/3 (this can limit the number of stars used, 7/6/5 respectively, there would have to be a check here)​
    star - the star design to use​
    /blackcat rocket list
    Lists the rocket presets that can be summoned.​
    /blackcat rocket delete <rocket_name>
    Deletes a previously-created rocket preset.​
    /blackcat rocket summon <rocket_name> <quantity>
    Summons a quantity of preset rockets into the player's inventory.​

    An example how an admin might create a "USA" themed rocket:
    1. /blackcat star create usared 1 large trail twinkle
    2. /blackcat star create usawhite 15 star trail twinkle
    3. /blackcat star create usablue 4 large trail twinkle
    4. /blackcat rocket create usarocket 3 usared usawhite usablue
    5. /blackcat rocket summon usarocket 64
    Now an admin could create stacks of these rockets easily and fill dispensers for events! Players could also purchase these rockets through the use of a "command sign" plugin using the rocket summon command.

    • blackcat.star.create
    • blackcat.star.list
    • blackcat.star.delete
    • blackcat.rocket.create
    • blackcat.rocket.list
    • blackcat.rocket.delete
    • blackcat.rocket.summon
    Final Notes

    If you think this is a good idea and would like to work on it, please let me know. I would do this myself but I am much better at network administration than I am writing code. If you have any questions, please ask!
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    I love you. Not just for the great idea, but also for the detailed and formatted request. I'll be making this.
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    Thanks! Let me know what you come up with and I can test it out. (I am between server hosts at the moment but I can test it locally.)
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    CustRo (Custom Rockets)
    The plugin as you described it is finished, though I plan to add more features later on, namely MySQL as a backend (currently it uses JSON). I'll throw this up on BukkitDev later and post the project link here.
    Until then, here's a dropbox link: Download

    /cr star create <star> <color> <shape> [effect] [effect]
    /cr star delete <star>

    /cr star list
    /cr rocket create <rocket> <power> <star1> [star2] [star3] [...]
    /cr rocket delete <rocket>
    /cr rocket list
    /cr rocket summon <rocket> [amount]

    Key: <required> [optional]
    <rocket> = the name of a rocket
    <star> = the name of a star
    <color> = the name or number of a color:
    0 - black
    1 - red
    2 - green
    3 - brown
    4 - blue
    5 - purple
    6 - cyan
    7 - silver
    8 - gray
    9 - pink
    10 - lime
    11 - yellow
    12 - lightblue
    13 - magenta
    14 - orange
    15 - white​
    <shape> = the star's shape (small, large, star, creeper, burst)
    <effect> = flicker or trail
    Note that typing the same effect a second time will not affect the resulting star.​
    "/cr star create mystar blue small flicker flicker" produces exactly the same result as​
    "/cr star create mystar blue small flicker"​
    <power> = a modifier that affects the distance the firework travels before exploding
    Must be a number 1-3.​
    <amount> = the number of rockets to summon
    Must be a number greater than 0.​

    custro.star.create: Allows you to create stars
    custro.star.delete: Allows you to delete stars
    custro.star.list: Allows you to view a list of all stars
    custro.rocket.summon: Allows you to summon rockets
    custro.rocket.create: Allows you to create rockets
    custro.rocket.delete: Allows you to delete rockets
    custro.rocket.list: Allows you to view a list of all rockets

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    Do you have a source available?
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