Biome-based world generation

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Limeth, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Hello, I've been learning how to generate worlds from jtjj222 and some youtube tutorials.
    Now, I have not seen a single tutorial on how to edit which biomes actually spawn and how to generate biome-based land. (Example: Extreme Hills - high hills, Forest - a lot of trees)

    So I am asking you, would you please show me, how would I replace certain biomes and how would I generate biome-based land and populators?

    Thanks, Limeth.
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    Ewe Loon

    during the generate block sections method you can set the biome with Biomegrid
    during the populator you would have to use world to set the biome

    however if you only want to read the biome I think world, will give you the biome for anywhere even ungenerated chunks (you would have to test this)
    this will allow you to scan outwards from your location to find out how far it is to a different biome type which will then alow you to create a different transition depending on needs (mainly height)
    as far as creating different terrain for biome it just a case of checking what biome you are in and generating the column based on that

    it all really depends on what you are trying to achieve
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    How would I do that? Would you give me an example, please?
    Thanks for your reply.
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    I'm at school now, so I can't explain it, but I am working on a tutorial about it. In a block populator, use the world object, an in a chunk generator, use the biome grid provided(the chunk generator can also specify what biomes it wants using the biomegrid object)
    ^^an example in a bp
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    The standard world generators have already come through and created biome-dependant terrain such as snow/trees/etc by the time a custom BlockPopulator is called. The only thing you could change with this is whether it snows, rains or does not.

    Listening for the ChunkLoadEvent may allow you to change biomes before the vanilla block populators do their thing, however I believe things like mountains in extreme hills will have already been generated.
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