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    I want a plugin for fishing 1.7.2
    Plugin category: Fun, mechanic (i think)

    Suggested name: Big Fishing Plugin
    What I want:
    A plugin to add more fun to fishing, adding treasure chests, protection for worldguard regions, making fishing tournament based on weight system or quantity of fish, and posibility to fill chest with mythic drops loot.

    we need that:
    1- fishing chances for all fish, Junk & Treasure chests
    Raw_Fish: 80
    Treasure_Chest: 1
    2- Weight system for all fish (Lb/Kg): Example: Raw_Fish (Lore: 3.6 Kg) this can be usefull to make fishing tournaments.
    3- Probability to catch treasure chest or mobs.
    4- Configurable treasure chest loot
    5- Create fishing spots with worldguard plugin (people cannot destroy blocks but can open chest and destroy chest)
    6- Create multiple fishing tournaments on fishing spots with a sign with a configurable reward based on total weight (weight system) or quantity of fish (rewards can be money or loot)
    7- Maybe a bridge to Mythic Drops Plugin to fill their treasure chest with loot.
    8- Big catches (3 fish with one cast)
    9- luck of the sea or lure enchantments can rise probabilities to catch treasure chest or big catches
    10- message system: when you make a "big catch" the message pop on the chat screen.
    Ideas for commands:
    /bgf reload (reload config)
    /bgf treasure (Spawn treasure chest on player location)

    Ideas for permissions:bigfishing.cast (can fishing on fishing spots)
    bigfishing.treasure (can fishing treasure chest)
    bigfishing.tournament (can participate on tournaments)
    bigfishing.admin (Acces to commands)

    p.d: Sorry about my language, i speak spanish.
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    Commands? Permissions? How does it work? Please provide more information and use the README plugin request since its better to read.
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