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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Alexondrou, Jan 6, 2018.

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    I just want a plugin for 1.8 that clears your inventory completely including armor. I've tried several yet the didn't clear the armor bars. Please, if someone could make a simple plugin where you do /clear and it clears EVERYTHING in your inventory, I'd appreciate it
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    You're welcome!
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    Do you know the permission node to the /clear command?
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    Whoops, I forgot about that. betterclearinventory.use

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    If I need help with other things on my server, can I PM you?
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    Sorry, I can't. I'm helping someone else with their server.
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    Aight. Thanks for the help. Have a good one.
  10. Hey! I've also tested the plugin of @Dnyce72799 and I found a spelling mistake. I also think it's cool to be able to clear others inventory so I've recoded the plugin with some extra features and hopefully without a spelling mistake!:p
    I hope it's okay for you.:oops:

    Available Commands:
    /clear - To clear your own inventory.
    /clear <playername> - To clear <playername>'s inventory.
    Available Permissions:
    betterclearinventory.clear - To be able to use the command.
    betterclearinventory.clearothers - To be able to clear others inventory
    betterclearinventory.bypass - With this permission no one is able to clear your inventory. Just you.

    Here you can download it!

    EDIT: It also would be good if you mark this thread as filled if you got what you wanted.
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    /clear does clear armor normally. You properly installed Essentials. Try /minecraft:clear
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