Best Post-1.1-R5 block logging plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by freefish, Feb 21, 2012.

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    1.1-R5 is looming with the removal of the old event system and so forth, and we're finally looking at a situation where the aging LogBlock and Hawkeye plugins stop working completely unless they get some TLC. Guardian appears to be making some slow progress but has no actual releases that I'm aware of (does seem to be using the new event system judging by the github source code though)!

    So my question is this: As a server admin that has come to rely on Hawkeye despite its bugginess and lack of updates, where should I turn when 1.1-R5 comes out? What alternatives should I look into for block logging? Is there some sort of fork of LB or Hawkeye that I'm not aware of? Are there any newer plugins that do a good job?
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    Yeah i would say that DiddiZ LogBlock is the best "updated" out there. He posts new build on bukkit jenkins server instead of posting them on the forums.

    (Fanboy, yes i am :D)
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    Interesting. He needs to update the project on DevBukkit; the most recent build on there is from mid-November.
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    Unfortunately he seems to have given up on its BukkitDev page, but the forum post for it is slightly more active (last release on it was in Dec.).
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    Just use the jenkins....
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    I'm lost after BigBrother went down. LogBlock and HawkEye just aren't the same. We're lacking in this field where we shouldn't. I'd like to see a very good alternative to BigBrother, possibly a fork that could exist until Guardian. It'd need a lot of work, though.
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    I went
    I went from BB to LogBlock a long time ago, and never looked back!
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    Maybe I should make my own action logging system hmm...
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    Or fork and fix an existing plugin.
    The wheel has been invented plenty of times and they're already inventing it again with Guardian.
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    You read my mind.
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    One of my problems from what I could see is these people are great java coder but the database side is so-so. At least for HawkEye. Database can often be the bottleneck when one doesn't own a good server.

    At least it was for me on 2 occurences. I was lagging the server just to check what changes on 1 specific block.
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    Don Redhorse

    or just join the Guardian devs.. one good plugin is enough, it doesn't require 20 different just because you don't like the syntax of a command..
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    Don Redhorse is right. I used BB for months, but I spent an hour on Logblock and mastered the commands.. It's not that hard at all.
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    we are still using bigbrother - btw its still updated last update was 20.1.2012
    you can find it here:
    if BB wouldnt be updated to 1.1-R5 i had to use swatchdog - i tried it already and its commands are awful - BB is much simpler
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    Nathan C


    I have been running both Hawkeye(with no updates) and Logblock at the same time, for the past 4 months with no issues. It still works to this day.
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    Same, but it'll brake in R5.

    Use SWatchDog. It's lightweight, kept updated and works well :)
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    Why does everyone assume it'll break in R5? I'm running it right now on a R5 dev build.. So stfu on "omg everything is broken"... Most stuff still works because the devs keep it properly updated.
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