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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by EdgarsErnsteins, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Which you think is the best ban plugin for bukkit that has website integration? :)
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    Do you have the plugin? do you Own a website? do you own a server?

    if Not you shouldn't have commented on my post i was just helping.
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    Thanks guys, installed this plugin, and works perfectly fine, only for now having problems with implementing site in website using iframe
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    I do, and it actually only takes 15 sec to setup.
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    I like MCBans.

    Back when I used to do servers (damn I sound like an old guy, haha), it always gave me a heads up about dodgy players.
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    Yes I have the plugin. Yes I have the web page. No, but I manage a medium-large server. (300-500)
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    MysteryManX Starting to hate mcbans a bit since a few months ago... always troubles. Few weeks a go we had a raging player that created fake servers and global banned all of our players :'(.. mailing mcbans and they promised that they disabled his servers and banned him from mcbans. But somehow he managed to talk himself out of it and now he is global banning everyone that replied in my forum topic about his actions xD .... so yeah....

    Since they updated their site (and maybe some internal changes) their support and staff do not seem to communicate with eachother.
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    McBans is really easy to abuse, an last I heard, the people who run it are really immature.
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    I wouldn't install it, you have to give a good reason to bad Not just grifting (or how you spell it)
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    it is too, I wonder what's wrong with it?
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