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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Flaviusul, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Hi, i have a question, i watched aproximatly first 50 tutorials of Java Beginner from thenewboston, is that enough knowledge to start programming in Bukkit because i got bored to program anymore in Java.
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    Flaviusul There are a lot of ways you could have figured this out on your own, but since I'm here I guess I'll explain.

    It depends on what you know, and how well you followed along with the tutorials. You can sit through all the tutorials, but that won't get you anywhere. Did you follow along and create little side projects for practice? The best way to bet better to program is, for the most part, program.

    You don't really start programming in Bukkit, you utilize the API they provide, through java, so it's more like with Bukkit. If you're bored with java, I'm sorry to say that's exactly what your going to be doing, programming in java(With Bukkit, of course). Although you say you are bored with java, I'm sure there are many sides to it that you didn't even know existed. People program in java for a living, there is a huge amount of topics TheNewBoston doesn't cover.

    I watched all the TheNewBoston videos myself, and although it's extremely helpful, he misses some key points. I would recommend browsing through to fill in those gaps. It will also introduce you to new topics that TheNewBoston doesn't cover, so explore ;).

    With everything that I've said above, I would say yes, you are ready to program with a piece of history.
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    Flaviusul If you can look at the Javadocs and understand them then I would say yes.
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