BedrockBaseCity Generator(Like HC Raid's)

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    Same Thing as Title^
    NAME - BedrockBaseGen
    Commands - Something to do with /mv create (World Name) normal -g BedrockbasecitySMALL
    /mv create (World Name) normal -g BedrockbasecityLARGE
    /mv create (World Name) normal -g BedrockbasecityMED

    Permissions - Bedrockbasecity.create.small- To Create A Bedrockbase City

    Features -
    When you jump out Of the base You Dont die But Instead You Land at Spawn.
    I Would Like Them to Be in a Empty Void When Generated.(In the Air)
    Med And Large Have A Stair Case To a UpStairs.

    Btw - Each Small,Med And Large Can Be any DECENT Size :D
    Make Them A Little Bit Apart From Each other.

    Thanks Soo much For looking x3
    If You Do Have the time to Create it Please try to Tell me A Rough guess Of When it will be done :D

    If You Need To Contact me a diffrent way Ask Me for my skype :p
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    Is This Request Possible ?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    BappleCraftColt It is possible, it is just the fact that you are asking for an world generator en a lot of developers aren't familiar with them
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    ah ok

    timtower Btw Do You Understand What Im trying to get done? Or Is it like Not Understand able? Do i Need to Post Pic's ?

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    BappleCraftColt Pics are always usefull ;) But I am not familiar with generators so I can't make this ( probably )
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    Provide pictures, and i'll make this..
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    What an interesting idea.
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    when will this plugin will be done i want it to :p if u want i can get pics to
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