Solved Beacon effect ?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TheLexoPlexx, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Hey Guys TheLexoPlexx is here,

    I think everybody knows how the the ray of a beacon loks like, right ? I want to Play this Effect but I don't find it :confused: Can anybody help here ?
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    Sorry, but I don't think that you can manipulate this. You could check the Bukkit javadocs to be sure about that.
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    Remvoed offtopic post.
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    TheLexoPlexx sebasju1234
    I was able to by sending fake blocks (sendBlockChange) to certain blocks, disguising them as air, but having a beacon shoot up from it. Hacky, but works/
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    Hmm, that sounds very interesting. Could you make a Gist of it?
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    What about placing beacon on player's position? Or even at his head? Just wondering...
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    I think that that will look very ugly and strange, don't think that that's what he want. :p
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    UltraMC Tried it for a mini-game once. Very ugly and resource-dependant.
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    Haha sorry man, code is for someone, idea is for all.
    Basically, just get the blocks the player is looking at, do some math to see if it is a pyramid, check what the block is made out of, send air changes, not too hard.
    If you wanted just to see what I mean, just replace all iron blocks with air replacements. Make a pyramid, and BAM, done.
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    Ah, I got it. I'll try it ASAP. Thanks!
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