Beacon Beam issues.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by killjoy1221, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I moderate a server and something I find annoying is that, for me anyways, the beam from the beacon is rendered wrongly. It works in single player and other servers, so I figure it must be this server. It looks like this:
    When it's supposed to look like this:
    It also rotates very slowly. Any known fix?

    Here's a list of the plugins which are loaded.
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    • MagicCarpet
    • WorldGenerationControl
    • BorderGuard
    • LagMeter
    • AntiGuest
    • GeoIPTools
    • WorldEdit
    • Announder
    • neoPaintingSwitch
    • CountryLoginMessage
    • BKCommonLib
    • LogBlockQuestioner
    • Vault
    • Multiverse-Core
    • PermissionsEx
    • LogBlock
    • Herochat
    • WorldGuard
    • CopyCat
    • RemoteToolkitPlugin
    • Essentials
    • EssentialsSpawn
    • WeatherMan
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    Do you have it set to use server texture packs?
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    No, it is not. I also don't have access to the server other than op commands and communicating with the Owner, who does.

    I should also mention that when I first enter a world and I'm next to a beacon, it works perfectly. Then when all the chunks load and the time is set, it craps out.

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    I can't offer much help on the actual problem, but here is some general advice: Use a plugin like PluginReloader that allows you to unload plugins in game (I suggest that since you aren't the owner). One by one unload plugins and see if you can recreate the problem, to figure out if / which plugins are to blame. Hope that helps get you started!
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