Battle Royale? in minecraft?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by UltraWelfare, Sep 18, 2017.

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  1. Hello fellow bukkit players-devs or whatever.
    I've been lately playing some Survival Games and I can say that I really enjoy it(been playing minecraft for more than a while), but there's something missing...
    What if, we had more players than 16-24 and make it like a hundred.Just like PUBG does but, you know, without actual weapons.
    Let's have the same "ideology" without the same rules... Survival Royale!

    We can't have airplanes like PUBG or do something similar and we can't have 100 players on the center of the map(too much chaos?), so we can have them spawn randomly.

    Circles for boundaries? We don't have such thing in minecraft.. But we have world borders, so problem solved!

    Now another problem remains. What about the size of the map, how can a player know where to go without minimaps or something similar...? Easy! Map on the second-hand and a compass which will be enabled whenever the new bound-box is set.

    Generally speaking it's pubg, without weapons and a little bit of twist because we want it to be vanilla.
    Other things can be sorted out such as, when a player dies a chest will be there for the "loot".

    With my previous coding knowledge, I decided to give it a try and I'm already around 35% there(Well it's been some days) and it's going quite well.I've set-up the arena commands, a handful gui for the spawns, and added some debug stuff for myself so I can easily test it.
    When I was writing this debug stuff I was wondering how can I test this when it requires a 100 players to play, and where will I find the map? The map is easy I can just google a big map or make something for the lolz, but what about 100 players? Maybe I can reduce it at 50 players just for the testing purposes..But again they are too many.
    How are the servers gonna handle this much of a capacity?
    I've went a little bit sceptical and maybe it's not a great idea because of the many players...
    I would like to hear some opinions though, and if anyone is interested.
    Every reply appreciated :)
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    If you can host this type of server, or know someone who can, then you should go for it.
    1. Don't require it to have 100 of players. When you are first attracting players, you will not get even 100 players in the map at one time. If you can still have fun with 8 players, it should be fun with a hundred. If you really need players for testing, try posting here or on the spigot forum, and ask for 'beta testers'. You should be able to get atleast 20 players doing that.
    2. If you have a decent server, it should be able to manage a hundred players.
    3. Also, I really doubt players will enjoy close-combat for a PUBG style game. There are plenty of gun plugins out there (hell, even I'm making one). You should try including one of those.
  3. I'm really afraid that 8 players in a map for 100 people would be a disaster...Maybe I can design something that will make the borders smaller depending on the player size.
    If you want we can collaborate since you are making a gun plugin :)
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