Bat Collector Minigame

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    Plugin Catagory: Fun

    Name: BatCollector

    What I want:
    I would like a minigame where players collect bats. I want it so that multiple arenas can be set. Each arena should have its own name (configurable). Players type a certain command. They get teleported into an arena. The location that they teleport to should be configurable. The scoreboard should be used. They can type a command to leave. After a configurable amount of time, the game starts.

    But before it does, the scoreboard shows the time remaining and the amount of players. The maximum amount of players and the minimum amount of players required in an arena for the game to start to be configurable, hopefully separate for every arena. The timer should not go if there is not enough players.

    The game starts when the timer goes off. Then, another timer starts. This timer, is how long the game lasts (which also may be configurable to be different for every arena). A configurable amount of bats should spawn (one at a time) at another configurable area, shooting at a random velocity.

    The scoreboard now should show (hopefully in that order):
    • The remaining time
    • The player scores
    • Remaining bats
    When a player punches a bat, it despawns and they gain one point. The game ends when the timer is finished or all bats are collected. After that, the players get teleported into a configurable area (the lobby).

    If a player quits when they are waiting for a game to start or during a game (either with a command or disconnecting) then they get teleported into the lobby. If they are in the game then bats (equal to their score) will spawn at their location they quit at. If there is only one player left then the game should end at that moment. It the server stops or is reloaded, then all bats should despawn and all players should teleport to the lobby.
    Ideas for commands:
    • /batcollector - base command for this plugin alias /batcol (does nothing as if the player typed the command wrong)
    • /batcollector join <arenaname> - Joins the arena stated by arenaname
    • /batcollector create <arenaname> - Creates an arena stated by arenaname with spawnpoint the location of the player; the spawnpoint of the bats is also set to the player's location
    • /batcollector leave - Leaves the game
    • /batcollector setlobby - Sets the lobby for when the player leaves the game
    • /batcollector setspawn [bats] <arenaname> - Sets the spawnpoint of the arena stated by arenaname to the location of the player. if bat is included that it sets where the bats spawn instead
    • /batcollector setplayers <arenaname> <min> <max> - Sets the minimum and maximum amount of players for the name to start
    • /batcollector setbats <arenaname> <amount> - Sets the amount of bats to spawn in the arena stated by arenaname
    • /batcollector settime wait <time> - Sets the time to wait for a game to start (time as in ticks)
    • /batcollector settime game <arenaname> <time> - Set the duration of a game for the arena stated by arenaname (time as in ticks)
    • /batcollector start <arena> - Starts a game instantly ignoring the time left and players joined as long as there is at least two players.
    Ideas for permissions:
    • batcollector.create - allows /batcollector create <arenaname>
    • batcollector.setlobby - allows /batcollector setlobby
    • batcollector.setspawn.players - allows /batcollector setspawn <arenaname>
    • batcollector.setspawn.bat - allows /batcollector setspawn bats <arenaname>
    • batcollector.setplayers - allows /batcollector setplayers <arenaname> <min> <max>
    • batcollector.settime.wait - allows /batcollector settime wait <time>
    • - allows /batcollector settime game <arenaname> <time>
    • batcollector.start - allows /batcollector create
    When I'd like it by: January 1, 2014 (Seriously, take your time)

    I would recommend that you add some things so that anyone can expand on the game without editing the code. Examples: Adding an event for when a game finishes.
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    Conarnar I love this idea. Im currently involved in a huge project trying to get better at minigames.

    Maby if I have time, I'll take this up. But I would still consider this project, to need a developer.
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    Hmm, nice. You are creative. You don't want to copy other minigames. I think I like you!

    BTW, I think you should adjust your game so the players who play it have special abilities to stop other players from gaining points or ..... Because hitting bats a whole minute long isn't that fun.
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    I don't think Tom or JPG are doing it at the moment. Please tell me if I'm wrong, but does anyone else want to do it?
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    Conarnar I am not going to do this, I don't have time to code it. Sorry
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    Bump, by the way, whoever finishes this will get VIP on my server.
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    5 day late bump.
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    Very late bump.
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    Conarnar I can try doing the coding my best shot :p

    may take awhile
  14. This is really nice idea ^_^
    I start planning this project right away, but i have 3 other plugins what i need update so its take some time :p
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    I started on this last weekend, my Java's not the best, nor have I coded many Bukkit plugins (did make some private hMod ones back in the day). I have commited my work to GitHub... help would be appreciated.
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