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    Is there someony who can build a Banksystem like Economy for hMod?
    The idea ist to Deposit gold or some other Material and earn Money in iConomy for that.
    I dont know the right word goggle says in Englisch "interest" ("Zinsen" in German).
    Interest (i hope thats the right word :p ) would improve the system, so people earn extra cash on a Bank-account.

    And there is another Question we would like to have a Tax system, so players have to pay Taxes to the state on a state account where Admins can withdraw this Money for State-buildings.
    A rental system for Cuboids where interesting too, so players have to pay rentals for Cuboids weekly and this money will be automatically transferred to the State account.

    Sorry for my bad english (i´m german) i hope you could understand what i mean ^^

    Greetings, Nokturn
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    Zinsen = Interest
    Iam lookin for something similar.

    IAm looking for a plugin where you can put money on an account and you get interests.
    But also you can loan money and you need to pay it back to a certain due date and you have to pay interests.

    Is somethink like this out there?
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    Will look into it
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    I want this!
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    I do not know german :) but, interest is like, Gaining money over time and this would be a wonderful idea the thing for interest, look for a thing called "towny" im using this and it is ok, though it is kind of confusing.
    I would love to see a banking system, but make it a physical item, where you would have to actually go to the bank to make it work.
    I'll attempt to use a translator for this :)

    Ich weiß nicht, deutsche :) , aber, Interesse ist, gewinnt an Geld über Zeit, und dies wäre eine wunderbare Idee der Sache für Interesse, eine so genannte "towny" im Einsatz und es ist ok, aber es ist eine Art verwirrend. Ich hätte gerne eine banking System, aber Machen Sie es ein körperliches einzelteil, wo sie tatsächlich gehen auf die Bank, die es.

    i don't know german, and the translator probably has bad grammar
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    Just started developing plugins and so I may have to try my hand at this :D I want the same system on my server.
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    I'd love to see this as well. Perhaps giving the user different options with different rates like actual banks give. Perhaps eventually NPC tellers too!
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    I am glad to see, that the user understand me. ^^
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    I see it is taken already by 2 other developers.
    But it sounds interesting and I need it as well so I will do this plugin too.

    P.S.: I´m also german =D

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