Bait House (Ban Griefers)

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    Basic idea: An easy way to get rid of trouble-makers. Certain zones can be set, in which all blocks are monitored. When a player attempts to destroy those blocks, or place certain blocks (like lava), or steal from the chests, commands are executed.

    This plugin does not seek to provide any protection for users, only to punish violators automatically and prevent them doing any real damage.

    For example, I can build a noob-looking house near the spawn of my server which advertises no griefing or stealing. When a griefer comes to join, he sees there's a nice house here let's have some fun. Inside there's a chest with some iron in it, so he proceeds to take it. A message pops up saying 'Welcome To My Server! No Griefing Or Stealing!' which he may assume is automated, but he knows the rules for sure now. He may decide to continue to break that house, or steal more items, in which case I could decide that he's kicked next, then banned after that. Congratulations he stole iron and broke 2 blocks and now he's gone.

    /baithouse - Displays information about commands and stats of last player banned/total players banned.
    /baithouse protect - Adds a monitor zone for the current building. Simply travel from the player's position in all directions until a solid block is found, and use that as the box. (If no solid block is found in a reasonable distance, fallback to manual.)
    /baithouse protect box - Adds a monitor zone manually. The player then taps two corners to create a box.
    /baithouse remove - Removes the zone nearest the player.
    /baithouse list - Lists all protection zones.
    /baithouse reset <player> - Remove the violations of a player, unban them if banned.

    All commands are usable by OPs only by default, unless set with a permissions plugin.

    - Blocks to ignore when broken (such as dirt, stone, etc...).
    - Blocks to trigger when placed (such as lava, water, obsidian).
    - Command list. Commands are executed in order based on number of violations by the user. Put <player> where the player name should go.
    - How many blocks to search for protecting the current building (default 20).
    - How long to keep track of violations (default 48 hours).

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