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    I had an awesome idea, yet I don't know how to code, so I'm asking a plugin dev if it is possible to make this plugin, It may be hard but whoever codes it gets all the credit :p

    I was recently browsing plugins when I saw a backpacks plugin, but then later learnt that it required spout, but then I thought of a spout-free version that took use of the inventories part, which maybe when you type /bp open (/backpack open) it would open a large chest's inventory labelled 'Backpack' then to exit the backpack is simple pressing escape. Please tell me if there's already a plugin that does this, lol
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    something like this?
    My wife loves it, only problem is when it's set to auto replace the chest item, but thats changeable.

    You can set specific bag levels, and even what's needed to craft the bags.
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    Coolio, Thanks. Helps alot in survival multi player :D

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