Back after a year, need some advice/ideas

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by CreeperShift, Jul 18, 2014.

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    after getting bored with Minecraft a year ago I took a long break and I'm back now again. However, so much has changed since then. I need some plugin advice/ideas. I've already browsed through probably ~100 pages of bukkitdev but one can only see so much...

    1. Whats currently a good and simple economy plugin? Is iConomy still something one should use?

    2. What are some plugins you consider must have now? And I'm not talking about General stuff like permissions or standard commands?

    3. Last thing I remember before I left was messing around with scoreboard code, so has anything cool, fancy and really nice to have come up with scoreboards?

    4. Does anyone know someone who manages to use the Faction plugin to create a "semi" safe pvp/survival server? As in not pure murder but not completely neglecting pvp? I'm trying to come up with good ideas/plugins that will help.

    Thanks :)
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    I can only help you with the first two.
    1. iConomy is not a very good choice anymore. UUID's will be neeeded soon (Name-changing) and iConomy is no longer supported so it won't support them. I recommend using the Essentials built in Economy.

    2. Other then your basic WE, Essentials and permissions it's up to you. I recommend LogBlock or a similar rollback plugin, ReportRTS for ticket support, and no-cheat plus for anti-cheat but really if you have the basics like Vault and Essentials you should be fine.
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    Yeah I read about the change with UUID's. So iConomy is (yet again) no longer updated? What a shame.

    I won't be using Essentials. I don't need 90% of the crap that comes with it. What are some standalone alternatives to iConomy then?

    Oh and thanks for suggesting ReportRTS, I'll take a look at it! :)
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    I haven't personally tried this one but it looks really good, UUID compatible economy plugin with all the standard stuff an economy needs (
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    Sweet! Thanks, that one must have slipped when I looked through plugins. Looks simple and easy to use, exactly what I wanted, I'll give it a try!

    Thank you :)
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