Axe PVP request!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Gearfried, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Basically I want a plugin that makes Axes useful in PVP. Sort of like McMMO, but I ONLY want the ability to use an axe for PVP like you would a sword, but they do slightly less damage at the benefit of doing more direct damage to people wearing armor.

    I basically want the axe to be just like a sword, but slight less damage, and slightly ignores armor.
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    Get mcMMO and disable all the other skills...?
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    No, that would require the server to run mcmmo and it's pointless to get that huge plugin and only use it for a simple little detail.
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    No one will make a plugin that already exists. If you are DESPERATE' for this plugin, let me know via PM.
  5. But no ones going to waste your time doing something that can already be done with public plugins? Stop being selfish on trying to get a custom plugin so you can make other people jealous.
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    What? I'm simply trying to find a plugin to implement in my server, and it doesn't exist.
    If I only wanted a /ban command, for example, why would I download all of essentials? It's stupid to use a plugin that eats a ton of memory for the sake of a simple change.
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