Avalanche [minigame]

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Drqgon, Aug 17, 2015.

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    Plugin category: minigames

    Suggested name: Avalanche

    What I want: I got the idea for this minigame while playing something similar on a minecraft server, and I haven't been able to find anything like it... This will be a minigame where snowballs fall from the sky in waves and you have to hide under randomly spawned blocks to avoid being hit by a snowball. If you are hit by a snowball, you are out!

    Ideas for commands: /avalanche - displays a list of commands
    /avalanche join (arena) - joins an arena
    /avalanche leave - leaves the arena
    /avalanche create (arena) - creates an arena with a given name
    And other setup commands, like /avalanche setlobby and such

    Ideas for permissions:

    Other ideas: Join/leave signs would be cool
    A customizable prize for whoever is last standing
    A lobby feature

    When I'd like it by: Whenever :)
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    Cool minigame. I should get this installed when it gets coded. Sadly I can't code something such as this, way too complicated! :p
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    @Chromify Alright, cool! I sure hope we can find somebody to help us with this :)
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    I might as well have a go at this. I'll let you know how I go, and if I run into problems I'll post it on this thread in hopes that someone else will help.
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    @kreashenz Thank you!!!!
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    Hey @kreashenz, how are you going to make the snowballs just fall down, and not fly forward like they do?
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    @Keubix that's a good thought.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Keubix Probably by spawning then changing the speed.
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    @Drqgon if you want, I can go ahead and make it for you. It sounds really cool, and I would like it my self as well
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    @Drqgon no problem! Actually, I am already done with the set up commands, all I have to do is make the actual game play, and the join commands and signs. I don't know when I'll be done, but hopefully it will be soon!

    Also, this is the only plugin I'm working on at the moment, so it shouldn't take that long

    @Drqgon would you like a scoreboard in the plugin, saying how many players left, and a timer (for game, lobby, etc)?

    Or just chat messages?

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    @Blockhead7360 I'm not sure, do whatever you think looks best. Thanks so much!
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    @Drqgon okay I'll add a scoreboard, because it looks cool ;) Don't worry the scoreboard isn't hard to code at all.

    Also, I haven't had a lot of time to work on the plugin with school. I've finished all the setup commands, and I'm about 1/3 through the game play part. But since it's Friday, I'll have A LOT more time to work on it.

    I should be done within the beginning of next week

    @Drqgon actually I'm not gonna add a scoreboard for now. I am going to focus on the more important parts of the game

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    @Blockhead7360 alright, thanks man. I'm quite busy with school stuff as well, so I understand. Go ahead and take as much time as you need! I'm looking for something professional, not rushed :)
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    @Drqgon okay thanks. And also, I was wondering if you could help me test? No need for skype and all that, I just want to chat in-game (on my private testing server). The reason is that me and my brother usually test my plugins. But since its only the 2 of us, and we need more players to test with multiple arenas at the same time... and all that.

    So if you could help me test when the plugin is done, that would be awesome. If you can't, no problem!

    Also, I'm not asking to test right now, as I am not done with the plugin yet...
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    ok, just let me know of a time and the IP and I'll let you know if I can make it. @Blockhead7360
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    @Drqgon got it thanks. And I recently got another account, so that means I have 3 accounts in total, and I might be able to contact my friend to test with me. So that would be four, and all I need. So you may not have to test if you don't want. It is kind of a boring process anyway. I test, look for problems, fix them, test again ;)

    @Drqgon UPDATE:

    Join and Leave commands have been created, as well as all setup commands.

    Timers, Teleportation, and Inventory-Savers all work.

    Snowball spawning works (its shooting in the wrong direction, but I will change that ;) )

    Random block spawning works

    Some more stuff has been created as well


    I am going to create join and leave signs

    Force start / Force quit commands (only for players who have permission)

    And so on...

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    @Blockhead7360 sounds terrific! Thanks!! There will be join/leave commands as well, right?
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    @Drqgon of course! Currently, I am making what happens at the end of the game (when all players lose except 1). You want a configurable prize for whoever is standing last, correct?

    Would that be items, Vault money, or both?
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    @Blockhead7360 both, probably because other people might want to use the plugin on their servers as well if you release it publicly... I'll just use the item prize though :)
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    @Drqgon okay. I won't add rewards yet, because the game is more important. But I will in a future update ;)
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    @Drqgon UPDATE:

    I am mostly done with the plugin. I just have to test 2 arenas running at the same time (it should work)

    I also added a feature where each 45 seconds (not currently configurable by plugin user), all the blocks in the random-spawn area are cleared, and snowballs rain faster. Each round, snowballs spawn faster, but blocks spawn slower. Also, PvP is enabled, so during the arena, a player cannot just stand underneath a block for the 45 seconds (before the block spawn area clears), as they could get punched away from under the block (no damage taken though).

    ALSO: I will have this on the Bukkit Page when the plugins come out, but DO NOT dis-allow PvP in the arena. In the main lobby (where join signs are), you may want to disable PvP as my plugin does not affect that. But in the Arena Lobby and Arena, PvP is disabled/enabled when needed, so make sure not to select those in any regions of WorkdGuard or something (don't worry, my plugin also prevents Block Breaking while in the arena)

    Everything else you need to know about the plugin will be on the Bukkit Page when it comes out.

    Sorry for the wait, by the way. I recently got sick, so my plugin work has slowed down a tiny bit (I don't want to accidentally make a mistake, and since I'm sick, sometimes I don't feel into the mood to work on the plugin, sorry ;( )

    I'm making sure that the plugin is awesome and I'm pretty satisfied with how I turned out so far.

    The plugin should be done this week :)

    EDIT: That's a lot of writing ^^ :D
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    @Blockhead7360 no, actually, that was very fast! thanks so much man, this will be an excellent addition to my soon-to-be minigame server!
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    @Drqgon Really sorry man: I am going out of town this weekend and my laptop isn't working for some reason... (I code on my Desktop iMac, but on travel, I use my laptop). Since my laptop isn't working, I will not be able to work on the last touches of the plugin or upload it. This means I will not be done this week :(

    I am expecting to be done on Wednesday, Sept 9.

    Really sorry :(

    Im working hard and having fun coding it though ;)
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