Automatic rank up when you donate.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DrummingSlayer2255, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm starting a Bukkit server soon and I have two ranks that are only for people who donate. For my ranks I'm using the Essentials Group Manager Plugin. When I player donates I want them to automatically rank up to the donation only ranks. Is this a plugin, something I pair up with a website, or permissions?

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    Please SEARCH before making a post, there are tons of solutions everywhere. You just need to search! Save time for you and me by searching!

    You're looking for BuyCraft
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    Buycraft (Costs money, but VERY GOOD)
    Paycraft (FREE, Not many features, but works fine)
    Enjin (Costs money, but GOOD)

    (They are all plugins)
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    BuyCraft: Super amazing.
    Paycraft: AFAIK it was bought by Buycraft
    Enjin: Ewwww
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    OOH I didn't know paycraft was bought by Buycraft :3
  6. Buy craft costs money for a account or to use it?
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  8. Trailer says it's free, but there is always a catch lol. I'll do more research on it. Thanks! :)
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    You can get 3 packages for free.
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    Hey, most of my friends use Enjin. The plugin is completely free, and allows you to setup ranking automations (if you choose to use the website). They do have premium plans, but you can use the plugin with the free version of the website.
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    Enjin's Donation Plugin is 100% Free. There is no limit on any features. There is no catch, it's truly 100% free. You can create unlimited packages, unlimited stores and use every single advanced feature in the plugin without paying a cent :)
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    But its really really really ugly. Yes, it's that bad.
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    Oh god its this guy again.
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    Lol look who said that... Enjin!
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