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Would u like this plugin to be made

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    I need a plugin that allows players to join ultra hard core tournaments through a sign lobby. Adding teams is optional. The when the round of uhc starts players need to be teleported into the arena at random the arena needs to be regenerated after every round. That's the basic idea.

    It needs to be completely automated and run multiple games

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  3. lrdemolition There are a lot of different variations of UHC out there. Different crafting recipes, change in potion's effects, meters/scoreboards...

    Do you expect the final product to include things like that? Or are you just looking for a plugin that lets you teleport (through signs) to regenerating UHC arenas?
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    xYourFreindx I just need the lobby, teleportation to multiple waiting arena lobbys, and teleportatation to a random location inside the arena. and multiple arenas must be made
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    MCMastery thats kinda the basics, idk if your allowed to but you could possibly use this plugin as a base to the product. the problem with it is that it doesn't have signs to join and it doesn't have multiple games with borders running. and it doesn't reset the arena terrain on end a game.

    also for arena resetting just deleting old and creation new terrain is ok
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    Multiple games will cause lag for players, generating worlds while other games are in-progress.
    Try talking to the developer of the uhc plugin and get him to include the sign feature.
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    it would be kinda like a hunger games joining system
    1. Player Logs on to server and is in the main lobby with a big wall of signs
    2. Player walks to the wall and clicks on one of the signs which displays on line 1.[UHC]2.(the arena id)
    3. player is teleported to that arenas waiting room while waiting for 10 players(or changeable in config?) to join
    4. once 10 players have joined teleport each player to a random location within 500 blocks of center inside the arena,
    5. limit the distance a player can travel from center
    6. game timer last 50 min(or 60)
    7. teleport all players back to main lobby when 1 player remains/team if teams are put into the plugin
    8. regenerate arena
    9. optional: give that player 3 credits
    10. optional:teams

    MomsKnife I only need 6 arenas (3 solo arenas, and 3 team play arenas) and idk if its possible but can worlds just be reloaded from a file in the plugin's files

    would anyone like this project?
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    hunger games join systems work off multiple servers not multiple worlds
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    For all I care you can make multiple games in a SINGLE world...
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    lrdemolition There would be an extreme amount of lag when you are regenerating 100,000+ blocks while there are other players on. It would be very easy to create this plugin if you take out the few issues related to teleporting the players where the chunk most likely wouldn't have loaded yet, and the regenerating.

    If there is a way that wouldn't affect a player's gameplay experience, then I would happily create this plugin for Bukkit.
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    ElliottOlson MCMastery 15987632 MomsKnife MCMastery xYourFreindx ZodiacTheories

    I finished this plugin today.It runs very well and i plan on making my 3gb server run it publicly. I decided to learn and make it myself, it was an enjoyable but frustrating at certain times(i didn't know pretty much anything about java or bukkitapi because im 13). the lag is minute when only running 1 game.
    it is capable of regenerating a world with a random seed every game. I am not releasing it due to the polls results. but if you wanna check it out on my server or ask for a copy of it you can pm me.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    lrdemolition More and more people tend to vote as negative possible on the polls in this section as they are pretty useless.
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