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    Hello everyone, from plugin developers to minecraft heads :) , I come from a Spanish Minecraft server that ive setted up, we're like a 50/60 active players and 3/4 Admins. I have only 1 year over bukkit / plugin configurations experience and finally the server is hosted and running perfectly so, the Staff haves a little issue (or missed option in Essentials).

    Were running over CB1.2.5 r4.0 and with the installation of Essentials we have now a lot of commands (that are too configured over PermissionsEX) like /seen /whois /tempban and a lot of more useful commands. So every day we haves a lot of new players and a lot of new members, i have setted up a Guests and mining world (for noobs and non-perms people where everyone can build, destroy and play) and a Members world (only for people with real build permissions gived by an admin).

    The problem of that is not the number of permissions that we need to give to new users, the problem was the monitoring of that user because if the player leaves the game one month lose any build permission (for anti-griefing). I do not found any option to auto-demote in Essentials and i do not found any plugin for fix that "issue". Any sugestion?

    So many thanks in advance and blessings from Spain to the CraftBukkit Staff and all the people that makes real this dream :)
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    Let me just clear this up, this wasn't the most clear plugin request I've ever seen- You want a plugin that demotes users to a lower permissions group after a configurable amount of time that they were offline, am I correct?
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    Thats exactly i need, sorry for my bad english to, im spanish :(
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    I may have a solution for you. Please take a look at the OnTime plugin.

    The plugin keeps track of player's ontime and can do automated permission group changes based on time played. The plugin can also be configured to automatically remove players from the plugin database that have not been on your server for a configurable number of days.

    Then there is a 'special' reward that can be defined such that players that are removed (purged) for inactivity, the next time they login to the server they can be automatically assigned to another group (de-moted). There is an example in one of the plugin pages (Rewards) that explains how to set this up. If you decided to try it and have any problems getting this to work please let me know, I'd be glad to help more.

    (You will need the latest version v2.4.2 to make the above work as I just added this capability tonight.)

    You can also modify the 'output.yml' file to provide at least some of the plugin output in Spanish.

    (Hablo español, pero mal mismo. No he hablado español desde hace muchos años.)

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