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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Slaand, May 9, 2012.

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    Hello guys! [creeper] Im cant find normal auto restart plugin for craftbukkit 1.2.5 R 1.0 what reloads server automatically every 9 hours, not stops! Please help! [diamond]
    P.S. sory for my bad english :D
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    That's because a plug-in itself can't possibly restart a server. When it shuts down Minecraft, it shuts down itself.

    Best is probably you get a script for your server, for example a bash script if on Linux. It's recommended that you handle restarts on OS level.
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    Fine, you're free to disagree, though it makes one wonder why you would ask questions in the first place then.

    If you want a crappy plugin using the command /reload - which is known to cause issues with many plugins - then go for it.
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    Reload command is probably the worst invention in MineCraft multiplayer.

    Get RToolkit
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    If your server needs to restart every 9 hours, performing a /reload operation on it won't help you.

    You're looking for an external tool to manage your server if you wish to restart it. Check the Bukkit Tools section for GUIs and other tools to manage your server.
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  8. First reload is like many have said before a shitty command in the first place. It does more bad than good. Restart is far better as it just closes everything like it should before starting it up again.

    Anyways create a schedule for it in Linux or Windows (depend on which OS you use).

    Beyond that I would say google is your friend as it isn't something I can or will write in 5 minutes ;)
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    Download links not work! :( But thanks to all who answer
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    That plugin only shuts down the server at a scheduled time. His modification to the launch file is what starts the server again. If he's gone that far, he might as well get a proper management tool to do it.

    Plus, hilariously, if he uses this with the script they say to run, he can never stop his server. Every single time he would stop it, his script would launch it back up.
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