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    Plugin category: [Fun]

    Suggested name: RevoltMsg

    A bit about me: I am A server owner and I saw this plugin on CraftGround that auto annouced how many players are on line out of how many slots they have

    What I want: I'd like to a plugin that kinda looks like this
    There Are (0/100) Players Online
    Ideas for commands:
    /rc set slot (change the slots it says you have)
    /rc on (Turns it off)
    /rc off (Turns it on)

    Ideas for permissions: rc.edit.msg (for admins to edit the msg)
    re.view.msg (So people can see the msg)

    When I'd like it by: You can take your time on it but in the next couple of days would be nice
    Similar plugin requests: None

    Devs who might be interested in this: @TnT @ChrizC @codename_B

    My email is: [email protected] revoltcraftbanner.png
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    You got it :D, I'll work on it!

    # RevoltMsg - DocRedstone
    BroadcastMessageThere are <onlinepeople currently online//Message to display. <online> will be replaced with the number of players/maximum players
    ServerName//Name of your server.
    Gold //Color to display it in. Choices are: Green, Aqua, Gold, Blue, Red, Yellow, Magic
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    Thank you so much!!!!!!!! w
    Will the msg over lay every 4min?

    Could you change the plugin a little?

    Could it be so its like a automsg so every Set Time it will broadcast over the server? and update like if your playing and 10 people join the next msg will say there is 11/30 player online?

    also what are the perms???

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    The message only shows when someone joins the server, though I can make it so it shows every 4 minutes if you would like. The amount of people who play is calculated by the server so if 10 join at once, then it will auto update those 10. And the only permission is : re.view.msg just like you asked. If you would like anything else, please use the tag [email protected] minus the . so I can know you replied!
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    Yes could you please do so DocRedstone
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    This seems cool. Do you plan on updating/creating a BukkiDev page, DocRedstone ?
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    I know this is not my plugin request
    But can you make the 4 minutes / time repeating the message configurable?
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    I agree. That would be a nice feature to have :D

    interval: 300 //Broadcast interval in seconds

    Or something like that in the config.
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    @np98765 Did you make the dev page?

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