Auto-kick period: How long do you wait before auto kick?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by imailyou, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Just wanted to ask you other server admins: How long do set the period before a person is auto-kicked?
    What is a good timeout for "afk'ers"?

    At first, I've set is to 5 minutes, I think that is ok - but maybe someone has got other experience with that - please share how long and why.

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    I currently don't kick for AFK. But, my server isn't public yet.
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    I would personally suggest 15 minutes. I find that 5 is too short - if someone goes to the bathroom they could easily be there for 5 minutes. 20 is too long, and 10 is just kind of iffy.

    My recommendation: 15 minutes

    ^ I felt like getting fancy ^
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    I wait 20 minutes. If someone hasn't moved in a full day/night cycle, they're not going to. KICK! Also, if there are people on the server that like to sleep, the afk'r won't hang them up for more than 1 night cycle.

    5 is too short. 15 is good, especially if you need to open up slots.
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