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    I would like to request a plugin that will have the following ideas listed below for my personal server.

    If you have played on the ShadowRaze server, There are level ups you can achieve such as harder punching as you use your fists more.. like xp when you kill a mob, and this will apply to all weapons.

    The next thing I would like to cover is when a player kills another player, insted it saying: player killed Bob, It would say: player assassinated Bob.

    I would like to have this plugin work with Dogtags so players can trade and sell there dogtags. Allmost like stamp collecting.

    Ultimate parkour, Allows players to "lift" them selfs up when a block is too high to jump on, should only work if the block is at the head level (two blocks high from where your standing) and if you hold the shift button while trying to jump.

    Please consider my ideas and if you have a idea that would apply to being a assassin and able to work with Minecraft, please leave a comment.

    Thank you!
    (Please check the main post
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    Not possible to add new items to the game, please see the [READ ME FIRST].

    If you'd still like this, you'll probably have better luck on the Spout Forums. ;)
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    Ok.. I'll just ajust it abit..
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    I think md_5 is the dev for shadowraze
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    That I am. No I am not going to help the OP replicate Shadowraze.
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    Thanks for taking a look at my post!
    (By the way, i'm not trying to copy ShadowRaze, I'm trying to beat it.)
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    By copying it
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    Not all the way, Just some ideas they have (1 right now) that I think would work quite well with what i'm going for.

    (and isn't this trolling?)
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    How is it trolling? You are copying ShadowRaze
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    The post was about getting plugins made... :confused:

    And tell me what is in my server that has things the only shadowraze has??
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    So you wanting to get the same plugins as shadowraze so you can be better is not copying at all?
    Hmm, I guess I'll have to contact all my English teachers and tell them that what they've been teaching me is incorrect.
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    You didn't read what I said.
    Anyways, This is pointless. Requesting to drop the subject.

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