Arrow Survival

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    Plugin category: MINIGAME / FUN

    Suggested name: ARROWSurvial

    What I want: I'd like to Have It So It Works On 1 game Per Server With Signs If Possible And Here Is What It Would Do So U Join And It Waits For Players 12 Max and 4 Min And After A Some Time Like 60 Seconds It Starts The Game : the game is pretty much were arrows fall from the sky and u have to avoid them to get points with rounds : 5 points per round : You have 10 Seconds To Buy Stuff Inbetween Rounds So if You Could Implement a shop : That is The Basic Plugin
    Make Sure It Has 5 - 8 Rounds U Choose

    Thanks Frosty

    Inbox Me On here If You Can Or Comment

    Ideas for commands: /AS (Start) Or Sumthing Like that

    Ideas for permissions: arrowsurvival.join

    When I'd like it by: As Soon As It Can Get Done ( within the week?)
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    All conversation must stay on the thread. As this is a request for a minigame, there are very low chances of this being made, especially within the week.
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    Hey Man I Know But I Would need It Soonish If You Could Do it Let Me Know
  4. ItsFrostyMC Tahg or quote people so they can see as soon as possible.
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    Ok Thanks
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