Solved Arraylist to scoreboard teams?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by robbertie, Nov 13, 2013.

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    I have a question because I am making a minigame plugin.. and I have made a lobby so when the players join they are put in a arraylist and then they see a countdown.. but I want to make that when the countdown has finished the players are put in 2 different scoreboard teams.. how do I make this?


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    You would go through each player in your arraylist i'm thinking. Here is an example.
    1. for (Player p : Arraylist.getPlayers //Not sure about Arraylist.getPlayers){
    2. if(redteam < blueteam){ //For example red and blue team.
    3. redteam.addPlayer(p);
    4. }else{
    5. blueteam.addPlayer(p);
    6. }
    7. } //I didnt test this code i just thought of it but it should work.
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    markieo it isnt working.. Any other ideas I get a nullpointer exception and I already fixed Arraylist.getPlayers

    Ok maybe I have to register the teams hmmm lets do that

    Teams doesnt work at all any help appreciated???????

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    Okay, for us to be able to help you need to post your code, the error you're getting, and the line of code that the error is pointing to.
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    red = boardGame.registerNewTeam("red");
    blue = boardGame.registerNewTeam("blue");
    red.setPrefix(ChatColor.RED + "");
    blue.setPrefix(ChatColor.BLUE + "");

    It doesnt do anything and it gives me a nullpointer.. russjr08
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    What line of code gives you the nullpointer?
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    It doesnt give me an error anymore but it still doesnt work.. russjr08
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    Well post your code then. Not just five lines of it, we can't tell anything from that.
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    My onEnable is:

    1. obg = boardGame.registerNewObjective("Game", "dummy");
    2. obg.setDisplayName(ChatColor.GOLD + "Game info: ");
    3. obg.setDisplaySlot(DisplaySlot.SIDEBAR);
    4. s2 = obg.getScore(Bukkit.getOfflinePlayer(ChatColor.RED + "TEST: "));
    5. s2.setScore(50);
    6. red = boardGame.registerNewTeam("red");
    7. blue = boardGame.registerNewTeam("blue");
    8. red.addPlayer(Bukkit.getOfflinePlayer("robbertie"));
    9. red.setPrefix(ChatColor.RED + "");
    10. blue.setPrefix(ChatColor.BLUE + "");

    And my runnable is:

    1. for(String name : Hub.alp){
    2. Player player = Bukkit.getServer().getPlayerExact(name);
    3. player.sendMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + "GO!");
    4. player.setScoreboard(Hub.boardGame);
    5. player.teleport(new Location(player.getWorld(), Hub.gamex, Hub.gamey, Hub.gamez, Hub.gameyaw, 0));
    7. }
    8. Hub.alp.clear();
    9. Hub.countdownmini = 20;
    10. Hub.countdownhead = 1;
    11. Hub.isRunning = false;
    12. Bukkit.getScheduler().cancelTask(taskID);

    Garris0n & russjr08

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    Paste your entire class. That still doesn't help..
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    Nevermind I am not coming that far with this help and why do I have to paste the hole class? So you can copy it?
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    I don't want to copy it.. You were the one that came on here asking for help and I'm just trying to help you.
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    Ok nevermind I already fixed it.
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    Please set the thread to solved.

    There isn't a need to be paranoid. We need to see the code to help you. It's not "copying" if we see your code. Besides, drtshock is devBukkit staff, I'm pretty sure he knows how to code all of this himself. There are probably other resources if we truly wished to "copy" your work.
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