Armor Defense based on Lore

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Macaron, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Role playing, mechanic

    Suggested name: Armor defense point

    What I want: It is a plugin that defines the defense of armors based on its lore (only one type of lore needed, though)

    • The lore is "Defense: X" (X is a integral).
    • Whenever the player is damaged, the X amount of damage is removed and the rest is inflicted to the player's health. (For instance, a mob deals 10 point of damage to a player with an armor with 2 defense in its lore, then the player only lose 8 health, or 4 hearts)
    • Please keep the vanilla enchantment working though. So the incoming damage is first reduced by the vanilla armor enchantments like protection, and the damage reduced is deducted by the armor defense. Hope it makes sense.
    The reason I don't use item lore stats is because it is not affected by vanilla enchantments, plus, it modifies every damage done even if the attacker is a mob.

    Ideas for commands: Not needed.

    Ideas for permissions: Not needed

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    Please read the post lol. I already stated I cannot use that one because it will modify every damage done.

    Edit: Just noticed it is not ils, but still the same. Plus, I'm running on 1.7.9.
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    Outdated doesnt mean its not broken until proven. (ripped from timtower :p)
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    Macaron Then request that small part with the Lore Attributes plugin dev. I'm not sure if anyone will make a plugin that pretty much does the same thing but with a few small differences. But if someone wants to, then by all means, go for it.
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    bossomeness JordyPwner How many times should I say it...It changes every damage dealt in every situation even if the attacker is not holding an Lore weapon, which means all the custom mobs I made are trash since they can't hold a Lore weapon.

    bossomeness JordyPwner
    Further more, that plugin will force the player's maximum health to its own configured amount while I'm using other plugins for this, and I CAN'T TURN THAT OFF. Is this reason enough for not using that plugin?

    Edit: Sorry for being offensive. However I stated it very clear that it does way more than I needed already though.

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    Macaron Then just use that plugin's configured max health and not use the other plugins.
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    So what you basically saying is I have to use more than 1 month to rewrite the whole system of classes,skills and leveling system and every single weapon in the game just to install this plugin? Have you ever heard of opportunity cost?
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    Macaron Well I didn't know you had a whole custom writtem class system and everything. I have.
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