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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by SnowGears, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Yeah it could work. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Is it possible to set the crafting material (to make armor abilities) to whatever (such as dyes only)? And then making it so only leather armor can carry abilities.

    On a different note, how about an armor that causes burning or poison damage when the player punches with a (example) dirt block?

    Apologies in advanced for any confusion in my writing I'm using a touch pad.

    Also how about an armor ability that prevents people you fight from activating/using their abilities until they are killed or kill you. Kind of a troll armor, example shoot an ironman and they fall out of the sky to their death, or hit a breather and they start to drown, hitting a spider prevents climbing, etc.

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    Yes that is possible. There is no metadata stored in crafting recipe materials though so it cannot be a specific color of dye. You could use dye though.
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    Ideas for armor abilities

    1: Adding sub abilities or passive that could be added to other armor in a anvil might be cool if it also used lvls
    2: sword ability
    a: beheading players mobs players would have a 100% drop ( would be cool if this was a ester egg :))
    b: spawning sword : when you kill a mob with it it donst drop the stuff but adds a number to the sword number is maxed out by the derablity of the sword then if you block with it it spawns that mob (limited to only one mob per sword)
    c: Arrow sword when you block it shoots a arrow (needs arrows in inv)
    d: lighting sword has a 10%(can be chaned in config) to smite what you hit
    E: SUB ability stealth bow dosnt tell who killed them
    3: bow ability
    a: lazer bow lets target on fire and has no ark to the arrow like light
    b: high powered lazer bow loger Burn time and can be fired though walls and has no ark (keeps proitys of the enchantments on bow)
    c: telaport bow tps players to where the area land in a explosion (dosnt do block damage just 2 hards of damge has a very low derablity that could be set in the config
    d: sub ability stealth sword dosnt tell who killed them

    potion abilitys they would make it so you could make super potions

    hasmat suit disable of downgrades splash potions

    i have more ideas to come if you need them
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    how about permissions for the abilities. That way some abilities can be earned. Or have a time limit on some that make the ability activate for a period of time, then deactivate and run in a cool down time. With this maybe you could make it to where certain abilities can be on the same suit of armor. Certain ones can have an unlimited time and others limited.
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    I run a server with unique races/classes. Right now orcs are tanks, elves are glass cannons, and humans somewhere in between. This plugin has really shaped the balance between the races. Orcs can only wear chainmail (set for peace), and iron (set for miner, originally creeper but it seems to be glitchy and doesn't like to work with pvp deaths so I just gave them a good non-pvp bonus instead); humans can wear chainmail (set to peace), and leather (set for speed, +.5/part and +1 haste with set); while my wear elves get a few more dynamic options namely gold (spider), leather (speed +.5/part and +1 haste with set), and chainmail (peace...because let's face it, it is too good not to share with all). I'd love to see an option for my orcs to have an armor that actually draws aggro of mobs. This would really cement their position as tanks in a team. While I think this is probably extremely difficult I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention the idea.

    Also seconding the unarmored option. I'd love to put sneak in as an unarmored option for all races. Sure you get a good first hit, and your enemy is surprised, but you best make that hit count boy.
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    A cool little ability would be able to make a shock suit
    boots: lighting follows your step
    pants: immune to lightning strikes
    chest plate: when hit, a player will be smitten
    sword: when you hit a lighting bolt strikes the player, when you block lightning strikes every 5 seconds on all 4 sides of the player causing players to not come close.
    bow: lightning will strike in a 5 block radius around the arrow, or I was thinking you instantly teleport to that location and lightning strikes in a 3 block radius of you

    oh and a cool feature for boots would be to add a instant water freeze ability.
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    create an ability so that the player can teleport to wich ever block he/her is pointing at
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    It would be pretty cool if there was an armor that slowed things that attack you.
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