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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by SnowGears, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Ya sorry about that. I added ironman to the list of abilities but never actually coded it.... but I just released 2.1.5 just now which fixes all bugs with the spider ability and fixes a bug where users would retain potion effects from previous ability if they didn't close their inventory between switching armor sets.

    I like the mining armor and the angel armor ideas.

    I may add an unarmored option. Maybe.

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    I am downloading the plugin now, I will tell you if I find any buggs

    Edit: Ironman still doesn't work
    Spider won't give you fall damage even if you jump from 50 blocks in the air.. You could do so that you can jump 3 blocks higher without taking fall damage but, no fall damage at all is kinda OP... :D
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    I still haven't coded ironman yet I just forgot to remove it from the config file. Sorry about that... And spider should take fall damage still. I tested it and you only dont take fall damage if you land right in front of a solid block. I will do a little testing. Thanks
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    Okay :D
    Sorry, I tought you had done the coding of Ironman :D
    Well I'll test spider again...
    GL coding the ironman, must be difficult:
    Also the Peace thing dsnt work for me, mobs do attack me... maybe only me? or not coded yet ? :D
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    Tooner I am running an ablockalypse server, and would like to reward players with nightvision. Could you please include this in the update? (hopefully soon!)
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    I really liked the new spider ability and mining the other day I encountered with some spiders and got an idea for some addons to that. Maybe you can make it so people with the spider ability can go through cobweb like they were spiders? I really don't know if its even possible but I really think you should do it if it is because in my opinion, that ability spiders have make them even harder to kill. Other than that, maybe even make players with the spider ability be able to create cobweb around to block their enemies? Tell me what you think.
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    it would be cool if you could use 2 abilities at once via the config file.
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    Peace should work. I tested it earlier. It will not work on monsters that were previously attacked.

    Ya I think the create a cobweb could be overpowered but I like the idea of moving through them faster. I will try to code that. Thanks

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    Hi , i liked this plugin until 1.1 when u removed WEPOA "with each peace of armor" and i would like to be able to have this in my server :
    When someone wears leather armor,pants,shoes = peace
    chain pants = speed (1)
    iron armor,shoes = vampire (1 heart)
    gold armor,pants,shoes = assasin
    diamond armor = speed (2) + rage
    pumpkin = Magicfeet + Creeper

    As u can see i want multiple effects on same armor and effects with each peace of armor.
    Nice plugin ,keep improving it. :p
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    Thanks. I am planning that for 2.2. Multiple effects per full set of armor if wanted.
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    Cant u make Multiple effects per Peace ?
    or just optionally dont include Helmet ?
    (exept pumpkin)
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    I make your plugin
    I love 1.1 and I decide make plugin like it and I make new plugin like 1.1 but more option

    I make multiple effect with each peace of armor option plugin using SpoutPlugin

    Sorry for using your 1.1 idea
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    idk if someones already suggested this or not, (to lazy to look through the comments :p) but what about a flying abilty? like they can use the amor to fly but only for a set amount of seconds, and it have a cooldown. and maybe something to keep people from flying away during pvp. i'm not sure how you would do that, but it would be awesome :D
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    I was planning on making an ironman ability. You could fly and shoot fireballs and possibly explode ground where you land.
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    alright, that would be awesome! also what about an enderman kinda ability? maybe they could teleport to where ever they can see, and crouch to disguise as an enderman? (it'd be perfect for raiders on a hardcore pvp server i'm trying to make)
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    That actually sounds pretty cool. Just right click with a fist to teleport then?
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    yeah, thats what i was thinking. but there might be a problem with that for servers with mcmmo installed (because of the right click abilities that it adds), and alot of servers have mcmmo. so you might wanna find a way to work around that.
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    OMG! That would be so cool! An enderman as your own pet...that'd be the best! :D
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    Also, another cool one that maybe alot of people would love is:
    Spider Queen Suit: Spawns 2 spiders as your pet that follow you and attack what you attack.
    It'd also be cool if in the configs you can set the HP and the Damage the spiders from the suit can have.
    <----Pro Dumb Idea Maker
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    I tried the plugin and it's great but there are too many abilities and only few limited sets of armor. The suggestion is to be able to wear a block on the head with an ability. I know there are other plugins to wear blocks on head, but it would be great if that block gives an ability. Like Iron, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond and Emerald blocks or any other blocks.

    EDIT: The MagicFeet ability is not working with emerald ores.
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    The best Armor Abilities are the ones that are full sets, here are what i beleive some ideas that would be awesome.

    Gold: Pull: Right click your sword to pull a player towards you. (Awesome for traps and add so much fun to the server. (30 second cool down)

    Iron: Block: Right click your sword to become invisible for 4 seconds, 10 second cool down.

    Leather: Ranger: Shoot many different types of arrows.
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    Really, stealing everything.

    You also stealing from ausmc.

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    This is just a thought but how about chameleon armor:
    You turn into the next mob you hit
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    What about a "Ghost" ability?
    With ghost you can walk through walls and you can't be hit by players or monsters
    but you can't hit them too.
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    Seems like it needs to be a little more balanced, but I'm not sure how.
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    Do you think you could add the possibility to use one of the new mob skulls? It'd be really nice to use the creeper skull for example for the creeper ability. Thanks.
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    Yes. For the creeper ability especially. That will be awesome.
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    I really like this plugin, and had an idea for it
    I don't know if this is possible, but it would be pretty cool if it was in the game.
    Title: Redstoner ( or anything else )
    Ability: Activates any Redstone wires, wood and iron doors, trap doors, fence gates, and lamps in a five block radius. ( I think tnt would be a bit over powered ) Does not activate Redstone torches, repeaters, and command blocks though.
    The main purpose of this would be able to activate any Redstone automatically with ease.
    I have no idea if this could work, but it'd be pretty cool =D
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    It could but I dont really see the practicality in that. Wouldnt you not want some things to come on automatically? Maybe like just right clicking redstone or a redstone powered block with your hand could activate it?
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    I guess you could do something like this. Right click any Redstone powered blocks to activate it, but it will then deactivate when you go oh so many blocks away.
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