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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by SnowGears, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Hello everyone!

    I am taking requests from you guys for what abilities to add in the future and I will be choosing my favorites to include in the next update.

    Here are some things I am looking for:
    • original ( not required but would be better if it was not something like "do more damage" )
    • awesome ( obviously )
    • achievable ( I will need to be able to do it )
    I'm looking forward to hearing your cool ideas!

    If I "Like" Your Comment That Means I Am Adding It In The Next Update

    • speed
    • breathe underwater
    • jump higher
    • swim in lava
    • damage things that attack you
    • no mobs attack you
    • become invisible
    • blow up on death
    • health vampirism
    • all monsters are neutral towards you
    • Climb walls like a spider
    • brighter darkness for mining
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    ability for leather, chainmail, or gold: health vampirism when you hit people would be cool
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    Bigger damage for leather(or others)
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    Why not design a whole new armor set? maybe a mix of iron and leather call it Iroeather.
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    Creeper Suit: Blow up when killed (wearing the armor).

    Not sure if it's possible but would be cool.
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    I like it. And I can do it. That might have to be default op because of griefers but I like it! And yes its possible
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    The Speed Suit full armor should make you walk on water. Not Suere if thats possible but it is a cool idea.
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    I was actually thinking about that earlier but decided it would be too cheap. I might make a "Jesus" Ability that has just water walking though
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    okay, so here it is.
    there is a plugin like this on a server i play a lot, its custom, nonaccesable, so here are some good idea sets

    leather= archer, increased bow damage and slight speed increase, also able to change type of arrow shot by left clicking bow (barbed, (slow) piercing, (good against heavy armor) flame, volley, smoke) some of these can have cooldowns
    chain= stealth/agility/assasin, uses iron axes and poison daggers (customised pumpkin stem bought from shop) right click to leap in the direction your looking (see my other post) with auto-sneak and no fall damage.

    iron: fighter, relatively normal, right click with sword to riposte. during riposte (0.8 sec) if he is hit, he becomes invulnerable for ? sec's.

    gold: molten armor, this is the glass cannon, high damage, low protection, for every peice of gold armor worn, magic increases by one, damage with a gold sword increases. gold axes light people on fire for a shorter time than fire block. gold hoes speed up allies/ slow down non-allies (maybe left/right click function?) gold shovels heal when you hit allies, right click sends out and aura with gold block break affects, giving allies resistance for a short time. lava regenerates gold armor when wearing the full set, allowing you to hide in it.

    on the custom server, gold armor runs on energy this energy is measured on the xp bar, disabling enchantments.
    however cooldowns were used before this and would still be appropriate.

    diamond: frost tank, this mighty Sonofa can take a lot of hits, but has reduced damage. his main weapons are diamond/gold sword (not as much damage of course) and diamond axe, which cripples, when right clicked, the diamond axe activates water walk, freezing water and obsidianising lava, for a short time (2 secs unless the player dosn't move from the spot) in a radius around the tank, be wary about how this is coded, because it can be used to drown people, and nether is a lot safer (careful of fall damage) with a normal weapon, his ability is a taunt, which pulls people to him

    custom items are
    book-- tome: shoots slowing snowballs on left click, and aoe fire arrows on right (they make an explosion that kills no blocks, and sets people on fire
    cobwebs - shoots an arrow that places four cobwebs on hit, lasts 3 secs, bought from shop
    magma cream - shoots a projectile that leaves a four block effect (monster spawner fire) that lights you on fire.
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    This gives me the urge to ask what realm your DK is on. :p
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    Wind Suit: Knocks all enemies away when you're hit.
    Angelic Suit: Every 10 minutes, if you are at 1 heart left, you're instantly healed. (10 minute cooldown)
    Demonic Suit: Everytime your are hit, 3 4x4 patches of diamond blocks appear below exploding after 3 seconds.
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    I like the wind suit idea and vampire has almost the same effect as the angelic idea. What would be the usefulness of the demonic suit? Just to trick the user into thinking they lucked out and then they die if they try to get the diamond? Thats pretty good.... But may get laggy if uncontrolled, I will look into that
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    I kinda realized after i wrote it ^^;;
    Maybe this one seems stupid, but a summoning suit would be cool but i don't think it's possible 0:
    It would summon an enderman that follows you and acts like your pet, attacking everything that hits you. Like i said, this one seems stupid. :oops:
    Also, it'd be cool if there was an option to turn on or off the particles in game O: I know some players in my server that like the particles from the armor suits
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    Ya the particles are client side I think though... I would like to turn them off as well but, we'll see.
    I actually like the summoning suit and it is totally possible. I will try to include that in the next update. Thanks!
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    O: Woot!
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    Better ranging skills when wearing leather.
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    Spider Suit: Climb Walls or Chance of Poisoning Enemy when hit

    Or some negative effects

    Less Power
    Fire Weakness
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    OK! I have some really good ideas! Ok, first is making this compatible with Tekkit because i have a tekkit server and I want this to work for tekkit armor too cause tekkit armor is EPIC! Ok for armor abilities: You would be able to double, tripple, etc. the item you are holding if u are wearing bronze armor(tekkit). If u dont choose to add tekkit u cn just make it for any of the Reg MC armor. Lets say i had on bronze armor & I was holding a wooden plank and i wanted to duplicate it, it would take up like 2 Exp & then i would have 2 wooden planks. But if i wanted to duplicate a diamond or something of that value it would cost more Exp. This idea is good because all of the other ideas are pvp related and this one has to do with items. And this will also make Exp more useful.
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    I like the spider suit idea but I don't know how I am going to code that just yet. But I like it.
  20. Climbing walls would be utterly amazing.
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    Sounds like a Spiderman suit.. lol.. we need an Ironman suit then.
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    Haha so basically flying and shooting fireballs?
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    Hey bro a really nice ability would be an add permission one!
    for the price of coding one ability, your users could make dozens of ideas from it!
    Funky Sneakers could add a Flying/Jumping/Kicking/Breakdancing permission from a separate plugin
    Safety Helmet could add a Light/Mining/Machinacraft Drill permission? (wear yo safety gear :)
    and of course they (users) could make "much more!"
    Basically it would be
    • uber original
    • mega awesome
    • and super achievable!
    Thanks for a great plugin.
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    Sorry, I don't get what your saying. Do you mean users create their own abilities? Because that would not be easy
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    Haha nothing wrong with that ( maybe just a bit OP ) but it sounds fun xD lol
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    Many plugins require a permission for usage.
    so for example an already existing plugin named "smoothflight" has the permission ""
    only a user with the permission can use it..

    So i want people to be granted "" permission while wearing the appropriate flying armor. (For example)
    I also intended that each server owner could define which permissions the armors grant. in this manner your armor plugin could grant the usage of Other Existing Plugins abilities when armor is worn.
    They would have a config something like
    * Goldboots: externalpluginforjumping.permission
    * Diamondboots:
    * GoldHelmut: externalpluginforlights.permission

    does this make sense now? Happy to continue explaining because i think it would be a great addition
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    Okay I get what you mean now. I'm not even sure if that is possible... but it would open up a whole new realm of possibilities. Do you know if this is possible or is it just a suggestion you thought of? If you don't know I will definitely look into it though. Great idea!
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    What was changed in the new version? O:
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    I don't know enough about the coding to know if it's possible sorry.
    But i have seen plugins that grant permissions on level up
    or through commands
    or in certain regions
    so i think 99% chance that its possible! good luck with it

    Glad you like it :) "new realm of possibilities" is what i imagined too :) and it means people can integrate your plugin with their other favourites making it more popular :)
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    Granting temporary permissions is possible afaik, magicspells' external commands do that.
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