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    Im working on a plugin where you can destroy an arena but after the match is over the arena returns to its natural state the arenas are all in different world files.
    The other thing is a way to reward players for kills by using a plugin I made
    This post isnt really tailored for someone to respond quick please say if you can add me on skype if you can help me it should only take 30 Mins please lemme know if you can help



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    You can only bump once every 24 hours
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    You really cam here to right that -_-
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    The way I would do it, is:

    1. Record when a player breaks a block and they are in an Arena Match. After the match has ended, return all these blocks to their original state.

    2. Simply hook into the plugin
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    Yeh, you're post was right. You want the Block object, as it will hold all the information you need, and the BlockState will also need to be set again.

    Sorry about stealing your thunder, I didn't realize you had posted a reply before mine which was almost identical.
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    No worries, you elaborated, which is a good thing WizzleDonker
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