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    Plugin category: BlockModify

    Suggested name: ALTAreaRegen

    What I want: Basically the whole point of this plugin is to save the original blocks of a selected area and after a timer, resets it to the original position

    Ideas for commands: /awand ; Gives you the wand (Diamond axe). After you have the wand, you must select two areas (Like worldedit), and then do the next command,
    /acreate <time in seconds> ; Creates the region after the two spots are selected. This saves the areas original blocks. Then every <time in seconds> it resets it to the saved area.
    After the area is reset it broadcasts the message: "&6&l&oALT&b&lPrison &a&lThe TnT area has reset! Go to /Warp TnT to blow stuff up!"

    Ideas for permissions: arearegen.admin ; Access to /awand and /acreate. No permission message; "&6&l&oALT&b&lPrison &c&lYou must be an owner to use this"

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

    Extra info: If you are unclear on something please just say so in the comments and I will make it clear :D. Thanks!
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