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    i been needing this kinda plugin for my server and i couldnt find :( , tell me if there is.

    Plugin category: information.

    Suggested name: AreaMessages.

    What I want: you use a configurable item,
    click on one point and right click on another with that item, just like worldedit
    and then /am (name)(message) to create a message area
    so when you walk into the area it tells you the message.

    Ideas for permissions: Op and permission nodes, the basics.

    Ideas for commands:
    /am (name)(message)
    /am remove (name)
    /am list

    Willing to pay up to: some tf2 items if you like.

    When I'd like it by: not too long, but i dont really care what time.
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    i find it REALLY hard to believe theres nothing like this already out there...but it really wouldnt be that hard to make. The only way i can think of would after you have the cuboid is to store all of the boarder cords i n a file then listen for a platyer move event and compare locations. Thats sounds a bit heavy in resources though, anyone have a better solution?
  3. You could do this in WorldGuard?

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