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    I thought about a plugin that is able to create areas (like we know from worldguard/worldedit)
    but enhance theses areas with an effect, other than protection!

    - Death
    - Damage: value
    - NoPhysics (for blocks)
    - NoGrowth
    - InstantKill
    - NoPVP
    - NoEnvironmentalDamage
    - NoFallDamage
    - Clip (like worldborder)
    - NoBuild
    - NoCommands
    - Commandsallowed:
    - whois
    - nick
    - other examples...
    - Text (when leaving or entering)
    - NoExplosions

    Simply: many features are from worldguard, but I wan't to have these effects on a region.
    Is there already something like that?

    Thanks in advance

    /edit I JUST found the worldguard wiki,.. and it has a lot of features
    You can close this, sorry.
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    Here ill try to create this Plugin actually. If all goes well, I will put you in the credits also

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