archer npc's

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    might be hard to code.
    stuff to include
    1: equip armor
    2: patrol
    2: stand still
    3: guard (moves to attack but returns to starting area, limit distance the guard can travel)
    4: limited or unlimited arrows
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    Use CitiZens's Guards-types for this. You can control them as a normal bodyguard, a bouncer(3) or as a soldier since 1.1.3. And then give them a sword and they will protect your area :)
    Uhm i think NPCs which shoot arrows and that stuff isn't possible and not implemented (yet?).

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    In 1.1.5 Guards equipped with a bow do shoot arrows, my problem is they close in on the target like a sword-equipped guard instead of staying put at their post. It would be good if Guards could behave differently depending on the weapon they have.
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    Try to disable the moving from the guards..I think this is possible and thanks for the info :p

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    whats the command for this
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    Toggle them as a guard with /toggle guard.Then give them options, like the guards-type, check out the official wiki for Citizens and the commands-page for guards. Click


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