Filled AOE crop harvesting/planting with hoe

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by souperdudeman, Feb 28, 2020.

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    Plugin category: Mechanics
    Minecraft version: 1.15.2/Latest
    Suggested name: Hoe Plant

    What I want:
    - Planting: Modify Hoes so that when seeds are held in the off-hand and a hoe is held in the primary hand, one can right click on tilled dirt to plant a 3x3 area with the seeds held in off-hand.

    - Harvesting: When holding a hoe in the primary hand and left clicking crop blocks, break a 3x3 area of crop blocks centered around the initial crop block which was clicked.

    - The modifications would only be applied to gold and iron hoes with wooden and stone hoes having orginal functionality.

    - In regards to diamond hoes, their respective area of affect would be increased to 5x5 for both planting and harvesting.

    - Tilling of soil: I do not want any material of hoe's tilling funtionality to change. All hoes will till a 1x1 area with no increased AOE applied to tilling.

    - Final thoughts:
    I am not looking for an enchantment that provides this functionality. I would prefer this functionality to be applied to normal hoes than anyone can use without having to enchant them first.

    Ideas for commands: I would prefer there to be no neccessary commands in order for a survival player to be able to use this functionality.

    Ideas for permissions: I would prefer there to be no permissions so that the functionality is available to all players universally.

    When I'd like it by: When my huge-butt wheat field finishes growing so I can harvest it in less than 4 Minecraft days.
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    I'm interested in it, however earliest I can try to do this, is in 10 days. If anyone wants to do it before me, go ahead!
    Incase you don't want to wait, I already made a some-what similar plugin. You can set which crop to plant behind you when walking over farmland. Just make sure to set the growth speed to 1, so nothing is altered (I know this plugin is impractical when you don't trust everyone on the server, because everyone can set their growth speed individually)
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    Machine Maker

    @souperdudeman I can do this, when you say crops, are we talking about all growables like saplings, cactus, sugarcane, or just stuff that is placed on farmland?
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    @Machine Maker that is a great question that I forgot to elaborate on! I think it would be most useful for the changes to apply to all edible crops planted in tilled dirt and also for nether warts. additionally if you could somehow have sugarcane and cactus be mined in the 3x3 and 5x5 with a hoe that is preferred. In regards to sugarcane/cactus, I would prefer that the area mined would be 5x5x1 centered on the block mined so that if one mines the second block in a 3 block tall piece of sugarcane or cactus, every sugarcane/cactus block in a 3x3/5x5 radius at the Y value that was initially mined is broken. thank you so much for your help!
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    Machine Maker

    @souperdudeman Ok, so here is the plugin. You cannot place cactus or sugar cane with it, I can try and add it if you want, but both of those blocks have more complex checks if they can be placed somewhere.
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    Wow it works perfectly! @MachineMaker thank you so much!
    I do have one question though- would you be able to add durability usage when planting? Also I dont think there is a need for placing cactus/sugarcane with it but thank you for offering!
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    Machine Maker

    Yeah, I can add durability usage. You just want it to take 1 durability for every crop planted and 1 for every plant harvested?
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    yes please! would this also work with unbreaking enchantments?
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