Anyone Know Where this command comes from?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Phaluh, Jul 24, 2014.

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    the command is /spells it is also /spells buy (Spell Name)
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    Which server is this on? It may even be a custom plugin.
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    when i did /spells it said in [] RGSpells do you know what this is?
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    I don't know. Have you tried asking the server owner to tell you what the plugin is?
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    ill ask now

    the owner is just ignoring me

    it is called Rennervated Gaming Spells and i don't know how to get it because the link is down

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    Phaluh How rude of them :3

    There are a bunch of spells plugins out there, none of which I have used before; just do a google search and see what commands they have.

    Edit: lol, there's your answer /\
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    I think you asked the wrong server owner. about this plugin, you probably asked a DH server, who stole the plugin from me & the developer and do not have any permission to use it. It will break even in their next minecraft version. I'm the Owner of The New Rennervated Gaming. the plugin called RGSpells is custom made for our server. Our plugin has been completly recoded by now since the other servers uses it. I never got any message from you about the plugin , so i cant respond on what i don't get. We also made other custom plugins with a main Core to prevent that our plugins are being stolen again.
    If you have any questions about the plugin feel free to PM me on our website.
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