Anyone interested in teaching me to code?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by BedRockets, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Hi! My name is BedRockets, I am a (noob) coder, I know the basics of coding a plugin but I'm interested in learning more, I can't find any good YouTube videos that shows me specifically how to code, and that's why I need YOU to teach me how to code, if you have some spare free time and want to teach me how to code (I wanna add in here that I'm talking about free sessions, I don't have any money... :/) anyways, if YOU have any spare free time left and want to teach me how to code, please, add me on skype (schnebba1) I live in Europe and my TimeZone is GMT+2 so, if you think this sounds fun, please add me on skype!

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    Just take the time to learn it online. If you "can't find any good youtube videos", then you clearly aren't searching hard enough.

    Here is a good series to teach you basic concepts:

    Then from the same guy another section on more advanced java concepts:

    After that I recommend you learn about java conventions and different OOP strategies to simplify problems and make tasks easier.

    Just don't be lazy and don't give up and you will be coding decent bukkit plugins in no time.
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    I can't teach you how to code, but I can tell you this: learn java till you are fluent. Then the Bukkit API will be simple to pick up on. If you want I can link you to some resources?
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    hey 1Rogue You a awesome coder , think you can help me with my plugin? you can find the thread on the Plugin Development forms titled "[HELP] Poke Plugin!" THX
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    It would be awesome if you linked me to some good tuts :D

    This is irrelevant...

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    Seriously, why does everyone keep throwing YouTube videos at people's faces every time they ask for someone to teach them. Get a book, that's what I did, and it'll help you better than any video. All YouTube videos do are put code on the screen so that you regurgitate it back into your plugin. You're not learning anything or why you're using that code, and chances are if that code isn't right in front of your face to copy you'll have no idea what to do. I started out with "Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies 3rd Edition" then moved on to "Java All-in-One For Dummies 3rd Edition". Try it, trust me.
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    People link videos either for sub's or because they don't know any better way.
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    I don't know. Maybe it's because they don't want to put effort into getting off the computer and actually reading from a book because it's in text and therefore "not as good as a YouTube video". =P
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    Is this how you learned to code? If so, I'm definately trying them out! Thanks man! :)
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  12. 1Rogue
    I was thinking about making some kind of interactive tutorial series. I'd teach the basic methods and give people small homework-type assignments to complete and submit on my website and I can give it some kind of grade, along with some suggestions.
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    I agree, you should learn java, even if you weren't going to make a bukkit plugin and were just going to use some. Java can help you understand the various things you'll encounter as a server owner :)
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    Yay, and yes. Most of the really good programmers on Bukkit learned from a book, rather than watching videos :p
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    IMHO The best way to learn is experimentation and oracle's tutorials.
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    Different people learn different ways. For one person going through a book or online documentation will be great, for others it is easier for them to have a more personalized experience where they can listen, watch, and then experiment on their own. I am not saying that one method is better than the other, I was simply giving one of the most accessible resources available. It is a lot easier to click a link on your computer than to go out to a book store and buy some java books.
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    That'd be awesome!
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    I happened to purchase an AT2020 and got ahold of a full version of FRAPS, was going to make some soon as well
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  20. Collab? :p
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    In my case I learned from I watched about 58 episodes of his basic Java coding tutorial... which is basically where you can get a feel for Java. From that point, I started watching pogostick29dev who taught me how to use the Bukkit API properly so I can code plugins. Over time, I learned more and more stuff and although I can't consider myself as an expert or anywhere near there, I can still make headway when it comes to coding plugins with Bukkit as well as help others out and teach them. I've only been programming for 1.5 months now but I would consider myself above average at coding for anybody who's only been doing it for that long.
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    That's great man! Thanks! :)
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    1Rogue is one of the best coders i know. I hope he starts making bukkit tutorials and follows through with it :)
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    What you wan to know? :p
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    You are still active I see xDD
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    1) You haven't learned to code yet (OUCH)

    2) Your advice, in my opinion, is terrible and wrong. I learned from you tuber videos, and your using a stereotype that all you tubers just write code and don't explain it. %80 of the time thats incorrect. Even @pogostick29dev and @TheBcBroz teach and explain the code as they write it.

    3) Not all people learn the same way. I know someone who learned completely off of you tuber, one who learned off of a book (you tubers didn't help him) and someone who learned by him self, with googling.
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    Simply learn java from oracle. Then read bukkit's api docs. Bukkit has very good documentation compared to many other libraries. Take a look at asm4 for example.
  28. I learned from reading on the Bukkit forums and youtube videos so you people who say to not watch STOP they can help
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    king_of_all96543 videos only teach so much. Documentation and self reading will not only get you farther but not restrict you to the videos way of thinking.
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