Anyone have any plans for a plugin like MCBans?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Sh8kezula, Jul 7, 2011.

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    If you would like to discuss this, please start a new thread in the Work In Progress sub-forum. There is no need to hijack this thread.
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    I have changed the title of the thread to what I felt was fitting. If you care to differ, just say so.
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    Thank you, we have officially moved discussion over to a work in progress thread now, but thanks for clearing this up.
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    Crash since you're looking at this thread, my only problem with mcbans is that a lot of the time players don't know they've been banned. It'd be nice if once a player was globally banned they would get a message on the next few mcbans servers they joined asking them to acknowledge the ban so you know they knew about it and had a chance to fight it within the proper time.
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    If your looking for an alternative to MCBans, you might want to check out the WIP thread (see above your last comment) for CommunityBans. Although the basic idea of a ban on one server can carry over to other servers is true, CommunityBans is completely different. If you have any questions about it, please ask them in the WIP thread.
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    idk if it's true but i thought i should just add this,

    i was told from some of my admins that some of the top people in MCbans are also top people in AVO the professional griefing team so personally i wouldn't use MCbans ever

    also i would recommend MCbouncer since it allows me as a server owner to ban to my hearts content and they won't just unban people with out my approval especially since i don't really care about putting a reason

    i figure if i ban a griefer, then he knows why he was banned, now for something else like a guy was being a dick to me the owner of the server i will put something like "being a dick and talking back to owner"

    plus if someone (like some of my players) enjoy griefing on other servers but are respectable players on my server i like the fact that mcbouncer doesn't force them to be banned from my server they only have to worry about the other servers that are aligned with mine since we use mcbouncer to sync up our ban lists

    and in case someone hasn't given you a link to it yet here's a link to mcbouncers website
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    Yea... Except mcbans staff aren't part of avo....or affiliated with avo....

    We do not touch your bans, only enforce rules on global ones. Which does not unban, but changes the ban to local (removing the rep reduction from the banned player)
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    okay well idk about the avo thing it's just what i heard

    the other thing i prefer to handle my bans more inhouse but idk to tell the truth all i know about mcbans is from what people have said since i used to just use the basic ban file in mincraft (bukkit?) and now i use mcbouncer and it's very simple straight forward and i have no hassle from it and i don't need to worry about griefers being unbanned without me or mine dealing with it(like i said everything i know about mcbans is more or less hearsay) so, sorry if i stepped on anyones toes so i guess in short( a little late for that) i personally recommend bouncer

    also this whole reputation thing i hear about from mcbans, is not in bouncer and i figure that i like not trying to work hard on protecting a rep by doing god knows what since i have 4 jobs and running a server is my 5th one and it's unpaid at that so i don't need the extra work just to keep a good rep while protecting my server,

    thanks though for replying and setting me somewhat straight about some of what i've heard though and once again sorry if i just repeated unfounded rumors, that was not my intention
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    We do not unban players who have been banned on your server, sorry if that was unclear in the first post.
    If you keep to local bans, you don't have to defend any rep.
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    I payed for MCBans Premium. Tried to ask for support. Its been 3 months now, still haven't gotten any. Completely gave up on MCBans. The administrators goes around hack forums making hack clients. How is someone suppose to enforce legitimate pay but also at the same time, go around making hack / griefing clients? It doesn't make sense to me. When I asked him why he makes clients, he told me that they were all for administration uses. Well why would an administration client need pvp cheats?

    When I sent in a ticket, it didn't get replied. I talked to a staff member on Skype multiple times. He did not know anything about the MCBans plugin or how the server rankings worked. The disputes are kind of messed up. Because if you dont want to lose a dispute, you would literally have to screen shot every single ban you make with the evidence. But what if you have a slightly larger server with more traffic? Does that mean you MUST have proof to the plethora of bans you make each day?

    Half year later, I still dont get how the server rankings work. Is it by connections? If so, why was my server ranked lower then the server who had half of the connections we had? We have the same reputation but they have more bans. So according to the server rankings page, the more bans you make, the better server you have? The logic behind that does not make any sense at all.
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    I'm just going to leave this as a last reply to this thread, as it is off topic. and I only replied to the previous due to misconceptions about mcbans, He was recommending an alternative system, which is part of the topic. your post though, FearGrump is not.

    As for mcbans premium, if you message on irc, someone tends to respond faster.

    As for proof needed for every ban, thats not true. You only need to provide proof for global bans. This is due to the prospect that invalid bans could be made.

    Server rankings are done by calculating several things, unique players, connections, etc ( bans are very low in its calculations, as this shows how active a server is. ) We are not a top server site, merely by activity.

    As for the modified client, that staff member works on an open source client, but does not do so under the mcbans name. Though it does have tools that help mcbans staff with specific mcbans data, rep of players in the server, total local and global bans a player has etc. For the rest of the info on the client you would need to speak to that person, as I do not speak for a project I'm not involved in.
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    Tried the IRC. The admins in there only replied with Meow :3. If the client was open source then why is the source not provided and instead obfuscated?
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    I used to use mcbans but i coudnt take it anymore they need to change there ways or make the plugin gather proof some how. They tell me to show proof i show lb logs and they say its not proof ive had global bans turn into local bans even if the guy was 2 out 10 rep ive even had people say that the account was used for griefing and there asking me to provide proof. I have a friend developing a plugin and website that will be much better and more friendly then this.
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    Thats why you make your own banning solution that can be used on other servers as well and share the global bans like we did :p
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    MCbans has a long, established history of upholding fake bans and participating in bullying, the "selling" of the lifting of bogus bans such as ObsidianCraft, and turning a blind shoulder to things as serious as death threats and real life information dropping in dispute threads.

    And when they're not doing that, they send staff on witch hunts, spoofing account names, griefing, floodbotting, and then penalize you for calling them "dumb". When bukkit 1.4 comes out, I'm going local only because "the fair global banning solution" is a laughable claim at best.
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    MCBans has the opposite history. It has strived to rid the ability for fake bans to remain on the system. Through the acts of reporting bans and the dispute system.

    This is a fake claim and just silly trolling. We do not send staff to grief, floodbot (whatever that is), spoofing account names...(what?). We penalize disrespect towards MCBans staff as any project would, if you do not like the system do not use it.
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    Would you care for me to show you the screenshots of your staff griefing? Or him coming on the server later and unbanning himself? p0pezilla/akathepriest looks like he currently has 9 bans on your network which he lifts in a rotating fashion.
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    I would love to see the screenshots! except the fact that p0pezilla is not akathepriests alt.....

    "he lifts in a rotating fashion."
    Not only that, "he" has bans from last year, "he" must have a very long rotational period....
    271379 [​IMG] greifing
    2011-08-09 11:32:07
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    How shall I deliver them?

    BTW, example of you yourself holding up an utterly fake ban on a dead map. I never knew it took 4 people 3 days to create logblock results from a "fresh" ban. I mean, seriously, what rational person would look at those screenshots and uphold that? Also, example of you deliberately ignoring people using mcbans dispute threads to threaten, intimidate, and distribute real life information.

    Archived on its own domain for posterity.
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    and the screenshots of akathepriest griefing?
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    Your response just proved my point for me. I won't waste any more of my time on this. Was just googling around looking for an mcbans replacement and figured I'd shine some light on your "fair global banning solution" in order to help others with their decisions. Enjoy your day.
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    Did we really have to bring back a thread from over a year?
    Many people have tried to create global banning systems and they are out there. If you wish to discuss them please post a new thread.
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