Any Servers Interested In A Serious Moderator?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Lacrosse, Sep 16, 2012.

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    As you can infer by the title of this post, I am looking to become a Moderator on a server. I've owned 3 servers in the past that were successful, and had a good amount of active players, 20-40, that enjoyed playing. I have experience with bukkit and how server's work, as well as many types of server and common rules. With school, sports, and other real life things, I am unable to keep up with my server as they grow, I've decided I am just going to look into becoming a moderator for a server rather than own a server myself.

    I am very active, I can get on every day, not only do I enjoy helping players out, solving problems, and answering others question, I also really enjoy the game. I am friendly and nice, but under certain situations as a moderator if I need to be serious I am.

    I am looking for a server that isn't really New, and where the server is fairly popular, preferably around 20-50 active players. If you're interested in getting to know more about me, or possibly want to have me as a moderator on your server please reply to this post, leave me a private message, or the best way would be to send me messages on skype, my skype is Laxhaak



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    What type of server do you like t0 play on?

    No one is going to make you a mod, you must gain trust after being on a server for some time...
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    Theres no point saying that...
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    I enjoy mostly anything. PvP, SMP, Hunger Games, anything really as long as the server is just fun to play on :D I'm willing to give anything a try.
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    If you'd like, I am launching The Uncharted Abyss this week. Create an account, start building, and if I like your work you can be my first mod.

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    My server went down for several months and is mostly up, it is econ, towns, pixel-art. Wiith 2 PvP arena's.
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    Ok after reading your post:
    - you're at school
    - you're very addicted to MC
    - you didn't mention your age

    conclusion: you're younger than 16, don't want to mention it because you're ashamed of it, and you should be because no decent server will accept random kids to moderate their server.
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    I'm 15. It's sad to see someone honestly posting something like this. Apparently everyone under 16 is ashamed of their age. There is a difference between a random kid, and someone who knows what they are doing. I'm not at school 24/7, I'm not very addicted to minecraft, I play it when I am in the mood and I enjoy playing it, I am not addicted.

    I'm honestly really surprised seeing a post like this, especially from someone who is over 16, because 16 is when you become mature.

    Thanks for your reply.
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    In regards to the OP - I really don't think anyone will give moderator status to a random person posting on Bukkit. Like others said, you gain moderator by playing on the server for a while and contributing to the community a lot.

    And in regards to the age - I really don't think age matters at all. I am 15 and currently a moderator on a very successful server which was once #1 on Minestatus every month. It all depends on how you act. Heck, I'm 15 and code plugins with 13k lines :p
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    This type of topic should have its own forum, imo.
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    No, 16 is as immature as 15, as immature as 18, which is my age. Do you think I would post things like this if I had something usefull to do? No. But I also don't advertise myself when I know that any mature server host won't accept a random mod. And I'm still amashed of my age btw =D
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    Seeing as his posts use better grammar/punctuation and are more professional, we can safely assume you're 11 but too ashamed to admit it.

    Did you just say that you're not mature? o.o
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    That was dripping with sarcasm. :3
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    Guys, lay off him. Come on, the Bukkit community is better than that.
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    Are you trying to infer that people younger than you may be less capable or reliable than those of a higher age?
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    no, not younger than me, I'm only 18 myself. But yes, young people

    quick example: buy minecraft under 18.

    edit: please don't refer to my profile age, I made that when I was 16 (a young kid and lied about my age, nw I can't change it..)
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    .... I'm just not even going to say anything about that.
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    if you wanting an moderator position on a particular server, I highly consider you actually start playing on one.

    As stated above multiple times,show the Staff of that given server you are trust worthy and deserve such a title. This does not include hinting around to it either, this would only give a negative effect, thus resulting into never getting such a position!

    good luck with wherever you decide to go, but Id start out by choosing a server and sticking with them.

    dont forget to always have fun.
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    Thank you for the reply. I do understand mostly all servers would not see posts like mine, and then decide to make me a moderator right away. This post is mainly to let server owners/admins know I do have experience, and I am interested in moderating a server. I am not expecting to instantly because a moderator, but I'm looking for a server that is looking for people to fill a moderator position, rather than join a server not even interested in new moderators, because although I do really enjoy the game itself and playing on servers, I love helping others and assessing problems or people's questions.
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    I mentioned this above - I need help building out my server at The default permissions should give you enough to start building. The server hasn't publicly launched yet, so this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

    Build some cool stuff - Recruit some new people - Gain my trust - Become a moderator.

    I could really use the help. PM me if you have any questions.
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