Any Good banning plugins that bans there ip when i ban there name?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by brandcool86, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Ok so i have a server running mcbans atm.
    and im getting sick of it going down so im hoping i can find a plugin where it bans there ip when i ban there name
    for example:
    /ban brandcool86 Griefing.

    That also bans my ip so i can't use alts.

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    Just get their IP from the server.log?
    How many griefers do you get?
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    a couple.
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    MCBANS is the only one you need
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    What about alts...?
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    get essentials... u can do /banip (user) and /ban (user) and tons of other commands
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    EasyBan is a great choice. It offers you a broad variety of what how and for how long you can ban players, It has a ban history log and a log of all usernames a player has on one IP and lists their IP's used on a username along with it. You can ban subnets, and even entire countries. Usually though with my configuration, banning one players name will ban all alias and affiliations with that particular player. So when I ban someone and they complain on the forums that their brother did it I tell them they should've taken responsibility and not let their brother play on their account in the first place :p

    MCBans? Meh, Global banning is a good Idea but it gets out of hand too quickly. And you can't be creative with the reasons either. In my reasons I usually say "Banned for so and so make a ban appeal at so and so [Insert funny joke here]" Also, Addressing the fact that It is easily hacked? TeamAvo banned the creator of MCBans for being a furry. If TeamAvo can do it I can do it (Not Implying I will since It's not worth my time) because I've been working on network security for years. Security is my main thing, Programming not so much. But since Krysk is only a programmer and I'm a million times better at "Hacking" than he is then wouldn't almost every Script Kiddie be able to just ruin MCBans "For the Lulz?" (Not really insulting Krysk's ability to crack but much more rather implying how trivial it is.)
    PS. I tried to stay equal on both sides of MCBans and TeamAvo as best As I could. So reconsider before telling me I'm Extremely Biased lol.
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    TeamAvo did not ban me for being a furry. That was Doridian on his system similarly named mcadmin. MCBans main server has never been hacked, we had an issue with an insecure forum, and an old backup of the site on a seperate server that at the time was months old, not to mention the passwords were hashed.
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    I use it on my server. There is an option that you can enable that will ban their ip and keep them from logging in with alt accounts
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    Well I now I have a story to tell to chucknorris for the misconception of information. You still can't put funny reasons, but off with that. Hashed passwords you say? Well at least It's not vulnerable to script kiddies. You can still crack hashed passwords without guessing passwords or brute forcing if you use your noggin. You can't do that if the servers are extremely protected from DOS attacks.
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