Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by elraro, Dec 31, 2014.

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    Well, im trying to make my custom anticheat plugin.

    For now i have:
    • Anti spam
    • Anti fastbow
    • Anti kill aura
    And now im trying anti-knockback, but i dont know what should i do. Check distances?
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    @elraro you mean you want to block extra knockback or knockback the users who are using the cheat that makes them take no knockback?
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    i want to find users who are using the cheat and use my powerfull banhammer xD
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    @elraro ye what cheat? the one that disables knockback for the cheater or the one that he uses and knocks back someone when he is hit by the cheater!?
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    @mine-care the one where the cheater takes no knockback or movment when he should. I.e when he is pvping
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    @Monkey_Swag oh thx

    @elraro how about, on entity damage by entity, keep the location of the player and after a few ticks, check if this location is further back than the previous one... otherwise take over knockbacking :3
    cant think of something else..
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    Ye, i was thinking and i think that is the solution. And checking the speed.
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    if the player (cheater) is hit, check 1 or 0 ticks later what the velocity is.
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