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  1. Plugin Category: Mechanics

    Name: Don't drop

    What I want: I was thinking it would be nice to have a plugin that stops people from dropping items on death or out of their inventory in certain worlds. I have already tried plugins such as NoDrop, Don't Drop my Items, and so on but they haven't worked. I did post on the forums but didn't get a response so I deleted it.

    Ideas for commands: /dontdrop #turns off item dropping in that world

    Ideas for permissions: none

    When I'd like it by: 12/10/13

    I'd be much obliged if you could do this or point me to a plugin that actually works.
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    Ever tried "/gamerule keepInventory true" ?
  5. I tried that, it didn't work I gave the permissions and de-opped myself and it still didn't work

    but then they can still drop stuff out of their inventory I am going to try exel80 's plugin

    exel80 I tried downloading your plugin to my server, I added the 1.6.4 jar into my plugins folder, restarted and I didn't get the files for it, I'm sure that It's just my mistake
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    WorldGuard, Modify World, Essentials Protect, etc etc there are too many to list....
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    if you read the installation you also have to ensable the plugin in the world your in.
  8. T04ST3DMinecraft - I know for a fact that NoDrop works because I use it on my server.

    Anyway, you can use /gamerule keepInventory true and Skript to make your own script to disable dropping.
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    Select a region, define it and use "/rg flag item-drop deny" without quotes. (It may be something different, I haven't used it in a while.)

  10. Folder + config files are already in the zip file.
  11. mattrick so, I did that and it works, but it doesn't work on death. I turned on /gamerule keepInventory and had commandblocks at spawn that they have to step on but it doesn't get rid of armor, is there a way to do that? in the command block i have it set to /clear @p

    Fixed it! I did /gamerule keepInventory true and then I did /rg flag <worldname> item-drop deny and then had pressure plates set up like I said in my above post and put /clear @p ** in the command block

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