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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by HarrisAz, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Hi,in my server,its been a hard time to prevent people from Freecam,ForceFielding eventhough i have NoCheatplus.

    What i wanna suggest is a plugin that detects a player that has a Hacked Client Enabled(Nodus,etc etc) and gets kicked automaticly when he/she enabled the Hacked Client.
    Or maybe an Anti-Freecam plugin
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    not possible, pretty much.
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    people now uses freecam to turn into 'godmode". this is shit and im tired of inspecting..

    an Anti-Freecam will just be great
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    Did you read the replies?

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    Try using the NoCheat plugin for now! But like everybody said, it's impossible for bukkit to detect Nodus. If it could there would be a plugin for that that everybody would be using.
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    Only way to beat it, is to do what I am doing, by making a custom mod server that mods so many base files it's impossible to use any other client but mine. Lol :D
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    That is literally the only way to completely stop a hacked client. Bad thing about that is not as many people join those servers unless they are really fucking awesome.
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    nhadobas Yeah, trying my best to make up for it, but with client side too, it basically has no limits, so I can do anything I want, which is good.
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    And if this magical plugin would be even possible to make, How long would you think that it would even work? There are bypasses for everything. Sadly even for the modded servers. (If you know how to code a hackclient).
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    RetroCola For a normal server, yes your right. As for a modded server, not true at all. If I mod the main class of Minecraft, to something my server absolutely requires (like any mod really), then a hack client replaces that, it will no longer have my code, there for they will not be able to join the server, because they no longer have the 'mod'.

    The only way would be to decompile the client, MCP would be the best option, it is never perfect, especially with mods, it makes the source a complete mess, changes all variables and methods almost always, so they would then have to fix all of that, literally guessing what methods I used, and my packets, then put their hacks in, which judging by how impossible that is, I'd say I'm safe. Besides, who would go through all that work, just to have hacks on a single server?

    Not only that, you have a few groups of 'hackers'. You have the true hackers, people who make the clients and know all that crap. You then have script kiddies, people who watch tutorials on how to make hack clients (then later brag about it, usually). And finally, you have hack users, people who know literally nothing about anything, and just download it to cheat.

    The group of real people who know how to hack, is the only ones you need to worry about, they would be the only one to figure it out, and then it would leak to the script kiddies, then everyone would have it. Luckily, the group of real hackers, is so small that it's something you don't even have to worry about. But going back to what I said above, I don't think even that group would bother or be able to edit all my mods, they are all 100% custom, so there is no source around, and without that, they are pretty much shit out of luck, unless they are good at guessing, for like 8,000 lines of code and growing daily.

    My client also disables use of joining other servers, and single player, because it's modded so far that it basically doesn't work anywhere but my server, so they would also have to join my server to test it, and get booted for no mods, which would be a red flag to me personally, seeing someone join over and over and get denied to lack of mods, I'd know they are trying something fishy, and just ban them, stopping them in their tracks.

    Long story short, impossible, for my server at least, but I'd be happy to see people try. :)
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    Not possible. That's all client-side.
  13. Please remove the word S****, There are still little kids on this forum.
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    I loved your reply, Anyways yeah we do have the damm script kiddies playing Anonymous and being so"L337 HaxOrs" And then we have people who coded a ton of amazing clients. But the fact is that if a person is so dedicaded/bored to code a client for just one server... So yeah it's really unlikely :D And yes then we have them who press the download button and "hack"... What really annoyes me in modern minecraft is the fact that if someone is just good in and the kid/group of kids get's killed/raided by him the normal reaction is;
    "OMG YOU FUCKING HACKER NODUS FUCKER ASDUABSBDUASDHBU BAN BAN BAN" .... There are other clients too than Nodus. And anyways just to do a little spoiler here Nodus is no longer going to be developed after 1.5 . Scetch (Coder) is tired of minecraft so it will become inactive.
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    I actually wrote a client / plugin that worked together. It forced the players to have the specific client to connect to the server. I made it specifically for a server (So I can't exactly give out code), The server using it is (They're based in Brazil). My point is, It's possible to force the clients to use a specific game client, But it's not possible to force that to be Vanilla... Kinda confusing, But possible. This solution will also DRASTICALLY decrease your player base. In case you were unaware. People don't like having to download separate game clients just to connect.

    They have this forum post on the client / plugin i wrote, But it's all in Portuguese. ( I simply had the server and client communicate using color codes (This could also be replaced by opening a server in the plugin with sockets, and sending packets from the client). The rest should be pretty easy to figure out..
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    thefiscster510 It only kills your player base if it isn't worth the trouble of a custom client, look at Tekkit, that took off real quick, I had a Tekkit server when it was new and had 30+ online all the time for a couple months. If the server is basically vanilla, but requires a client mod, or a completely different client, no one will play it. The reason why Tekkit is so worth getting is because it adds an unreal amount of content to play with, adding hours of gameplay.
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    Tru Dat. I completely agree, If it's a client that has a ton of excess content, I'm sure people would use it. But the client i was referencing, Is a simplistic vanilla client that uses an authentication token. If the plugin on the server doesn't receive that token, it will kick the client.
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    Ok guys, I decided it's time to do something about this hack clients.
    I have PVP world and I want to do to join in this world players has to install MOD.

    The problem is that I really don't have an idea how to do that. I mean, do I need to change some code in Bukkit or via plugin can check if player uses the mod?
    Also, which file has to be change for broke all this hacks if player try to instert the mod file in the hack client?

    Ya, I think most of my players are in this group. :D

    So, can anyone help me about this thing? To give me guidelines. I have some ideas how to do it.
    When player join and use my mod, it will send a packet. Then in login event, my server checks this packet.
    If it valid then server lets to the player to join in PVP world. I just don't know how exactly to realize it.
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    Custom Client.
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    once again, this could by bypassed.
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    No man, I don't want custom client. It's too hard to do from me.
    I mean, you know Minecraft Coder Pack.
    So, my idea is to do a mod. Then players has to use vanila client and they has to replace my files with these from the jar.
    These files will not works with Nodus and any other hack client. I have that mod (not for anti hacking) and the files are not compatible with Nodus for example.

    So, my question is how can I send that packet to server and how can I check this packet from the server?
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    Please don't ever become an administrator of a service I use, ever.
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    Like I said, you need a custom client.
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    Ne0nx3r0 Literally such a stupid reply I won't even take the time to explain why. Thanks for your opinion though.
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    As a server that reaches 1k+ a day, I deal with hundreds of hackers using modded clients a day. If you really think that the amount of people using hacked clients is small, you are pretty naive to the situation.
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    Double0negative No I don't at all, he chose to use my post out of context, which because of him doing that, you are now too, probably without even knowing. My post is long, but to better understand it, you can read what I was talking about. But basically, what I was going at is yes, the hacking community is huge, but the amount of real hackers is small, 95% of that community of people that use hacked clients couldn't even start to tell you how they work, what is commonly referred to as script kiddies. Which is what I said I don't worry about, either should anyone else, you kill the top, it would be the domino effect.
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    @Snowybearr"script kiddies" yet they arn't scripting anything. I agree with you that most could not figure out how to use it, but still say 5% of my daily traffic does, thats over 2,000 users who know how to use it. Major problem.
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    Double0negative Again, has nothing to do with who knows how to use what, I am saying, the people that literally make those clients, is like 5% of that community, the rest don't mean anything, you take down the 5% of people that know how, and the rest will be a domino effect. Also, the term script kiddie, means exactly that, they use something prebuilt, and brag or show it off, they don't know how to do anything themselves, though commonly claim they can.
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    "Script Kiddies" is a term used for people with no hacking experience. It is used as an a condescending term towards people who use other peoples scripts to do things like DOS a server. It's a common term used, Snowybearr didn't coin it, he's merely trying to say the people who use the hacking clients are just using somebody else's work and have no experience in creating hacked clients.
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    Snowybearr Stuu Jesus, I know what a script kiddie is. All im saying is the people who are using these clients are the real problem. If no one used them, who cares if ppl are making them, its the thousands of people using them that are the real issue here.
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