[Anti-Griefing] DoorLocker - 1.2.5 - For Admins Who Want Stuff Safe

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    A Plugin For Doors To Be Safe From Other Players!
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    Summary Has Your Stuff Ever Been Stolen? Have you ever Been Broken Into Your House On Minecraft? Admins, Are You Having Trouble Setting Up Door/Chest Protection? If You Are, Look No Further! This Plugin DoorLocker Will Keep Your Players Things Safe! Don't Have Your Players Complain About There Stuff Being Stolen! It Gets Annoying! But Now You Don't Gotta Hear It! & You Don't Have To set Up A Configuration For This! Just Drag & Drop Or Upload It!

    Okay, What My Plugin Does Is Make It Were Robbers Can Not Use Your Door. Only The Player Can Use The Door. The Door Can Not Be Broken By Breaking The Block Under It Either. This Plugin Will Help Keep Griefers From Robbing Chests & Other Items.

    If You Want Questions Please Ask Me In Comments!

    ;) Well No Chest Protection :( Better Hope There's No Chest Raiders :(

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    There is already loads of these, like LWC, Lockette, Deadbolt etc. Also it's a bit pointless not having chest protection? What are you going to hide that a door can protect, they can grief anywhere else on your house?
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    KO_FU_MATT I agree with your position; plugins nowadays aren't so unique. However, what I think will "save" this plugin is if it offers unique features or a different way of handling protections, compared to similar plugins.
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    Read the submission guidelines and format accoridngly.
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    Please read the submission guidelines and format your title as such.

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