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    Description: Stops ForceFielders from our server as we do not want them, what it does? well it spawns invisible bots behind players if they snap at them and hit them 10 times it alerts staff they maybe hacking, if it happens a seconds time another msg saying a level two hacker and needs to be watched Strike 3 you are out if the staff have no caught them by now the plugin will ban them with the reason You have been banned for ff/aimbot by Console

    Example: First Strike {Player {Replaces with player name is a potential ffer} Stike two {Player is a level two potential ffer watch him} Stike three {Player has been banned for ff/aimbot}

    Commands: /bots disable despawns every bot from the map /bots enable reenables every bot

    permissions: bots.enable bots.enable
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    this looks like a really cool plugin! id like to see it made. but if there are invisible NPC's around the player will they rotate when the player rotates too or will the bot stay on one side of the player.
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    Depends if the dev wants them to rotate I don't see a problem either way because if they don't move I doubt the detector will go off because they can't really hit them 10 times.

    Oh Forgot to add this after 5 minutes of no combat the hits reset, so after 5 minutes you will have 0 hits detected

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