Anti Dragon Fountain plugin anyone?

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    Anyone mind taking over this plugin or making something similar? Would love to see something like this as its very helpful when having dragons spawned in a main would where you dont want buildings damaged by the fountain that drops when it dies :).
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  3. Made this plugin for someone else, it's called DragonNoPortal. It prevents the spawn of the entire Fountain and only lets the dragon drop an egg and XP. It can be downloaded here. It's at version 0.3 and has been tested on the latest Bukkit builds.

    Had a look at the AntiDragonFountain's source and it is fully compatible with the latest 1.2.4 Bukkit builds (and previous 1.2.3 of course). I got a Java error when starting it though thus I recompiled it, could you try this version here? Same Antidragonfountiain, just recompiled.
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    Sweat ill give them a try. when i tried the original ADF i got no errors but when dragon was killed it still dropped the fountain. I will check them both and report back here, thanks again.

    Well checked them both and the AntiDragonFountain still doesnt work, still dropping the fountain (but it could be just a client visual bug). Now for the DragonNoPortal that one worked perfect so i will be sticking with yours. Thank you very much for this, now i can spawn the dragon in my pvp world without worrying it destroying spawn :).

    You should post your plugin on bukkitdev :)

    Well after doing some testing the foundaint does apparently drop but invisible. If the dragon dies above a building you will see all blocks be destroyed where the fountain would drop but dont see the fountain.

    So basically its just a visual effect for now but still will break blocks :(. Hope this can be tweaked out.

    Also like to add im now running bukkit 2126 1.2.4 R1

    Went and tried out the ADF one you recompiled and it seems to work other then the fountain sometimes shows up but only client side, reloging fixes it and does no damage to blocks.

    So in the end with latest R1 Bukkit

    AntiDragonFountain = works and doesnt break blocks but with client side visual bug (reloging fixes)
    DragonNoPortal = works but BREAKs blocks in path of falling fountain even if fountain isnt there.

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  5. Yeah, I realised you specifically requested the fountain not to destroy anything after I made my post. It's good to hear the Antidragonfountain plugin is working for you except for some client side bugginess.
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    You plan on making some adjustments to yours so the ghost doesnt break stuff on the way down? haha.
  7. If the Antidragonfountain does what you need it to do without damaging anything then I see no need to ;) Or else I'd be making an exact copy of that plugin.
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    True, but the client side glitch is a bit annoying, thought maybe you or someone could fix that as the author has vanished.

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